Make a Maggie for every classes


:medic: Attenuate Maggie

  • Retardant Pistol
  • The machine pistol does a little damage and reduces the effects of DOTs by 10% for 3 seconds
  • Leashed of Healing
  • Maggie has 3 deployable healing traps that heal hunters and herself for 20 heals per second on a single trap and deplete after 5 seconds of use.
  • Can be placed on walls (what it can click on will be like Miley’s wall cling)
  • Traps can stack with each other.
  • Does not heal downed hunters
  • Medical Trapjaw (has cute nurse outfit)
  • Revives hunters 35% faster than normal Daisy
  • Has a passive damage reduction field

:support: Splicer Maggie

  • Splice Pistol
  • A semi automatic pistol that fires guud damage and has high accuracy. :smiley:
  • Harvester Tether Traps
  • A trap that tethers to the monsters either making it vulnerable or leech through its armor.
  • Splicer Maggie has dual functions for this trap.
    Left click works as a damage increases 1.15 and Right click Allows hunters to leach through the monsters armor at 0.20 the damage.
  • Corrupted Daisy
  • Revives hunters 50% slower.
  • Has a 5% passive class ability cooldown field.
  • Has 20% less health than OG Daisy *
  • Only Daisy that can trigger dropship if killed.

:assault: Cryomancer Maggie

  • High capacity Machine Pistol
  • High capacity machine pistol that fires automatic shots.
  • Cryotethers
  • doesn’t affect movement and climbing.
  • Has three traps that has a set amount of DOT.
  • Damage creeps two seconds after contact so monster has a chance of breaking them.
  • Frostbite Daisy
  • Aggressive trapjaw that harasses the monster with a mounted LN2 gun on her back slows the monsters melee attacks,

:monster: Ragnarok Daisy

  • Hel’s Tounge
  • Short to medium range ability where Daisy licks a hunter doing 512 damage.
  • Flame mounter
  • activates the flamethrows that sprays near by hunters with blue flames from the freezing depths of hel.
  • Pet Maggie
  • Pet Maggie slows down the hunters by placing traps that holds on to them. Slowing jetpack doges and climbing.
  • Herp Derp
  • Daisy drops a chocolate bar explodes doing damage and reduces the effectiveness of the hunters class ablity if they stay in the field.
  • Timmy Tears (Passive ability)
  • Hurting daisy triggers the hunters’ empathy, the empathy meter reduces the hunters accuracy.

Rate my photoshop skillz 1 2 10.


This alone win my heart


So the monster is actually daisy, and it’s pet is maggie? interesting. I would like that.

But I fear some people might find it offensive or racist.

What? How?

Wouldn’t it make having a pet Daisy racist?

@SledgePainter you’re going to love this haha


I don’t want to derail the thread or the idea, I just mentioned it because maggie is black. And having a black woman as a pet might not feel ok for some people. It can be considered misogynistic and racist, both at the same time.

I will also do a crow team for @Shunty and maybe a Caira team for @GSUser43. Maybe @ToiletWraith would want a Hyde team.

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but daisy is a female and shes not even human. XD

That’s a rather ridiculous reason to get offended.


Oh yeah, but I was talking about the idea of implementing a Daisy monster with a Maggie pet. That was your idea right? That roles are reversed, and this time the pet is Maggie.

People are weird so I wouldn’t be surprised if people were to get offended by it.

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Make a Lazarus monster for me

Make sure it’s the OG laz cause we all know he is the true monster when he was like that

######Don’t actually do this it would be very weird


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Will do it.

Oh gawd what have I done?

Thanks for doing a Caira for me. I’d like a Val too!

Just make sure to not do a Slim for 10shredder00!

He said not to tag him in anything slim related man remove the tag pls

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4x Daisy wiould be amaze-balls.


He said he doesn’t mind about being tagged for Slim related content, just not to tag him about Slim balance.

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Medic Maggie doesnt have enough heals.