Make a Collectors Edition


so most games have really awesome collectors edition and i have an idea of what should be in it

all tier 1 figures

a smaller version of this but bigger than the hunter figures

and mini gobi figure

1 exclusive skin for each monster

evolve poster

evolve steel case

and finally concept art mini book? anyone agree, disagree or think something should be added/

p.s plz do this TRS


What is that Goliath statue? where is it? And how much is it?


its a statue that TRS made for E3 when showing the game, no idea if purchasable or where it is


It’s beautiful


I want that giant sculpture in my yard right outside the bathroom window so I can scare all my guests :slight_smile:

I’ve seen a couple Goliath statues like that, but WAY smaller, at various events and they’re usually priced at about $700


majestic goliath :goliath_roar:


This would be cool for kids but I wouldn’t buy these for myself.


and some collectors or die hard evolve fans


This all have been released already.

It will be useless to make Collectors Edition since the game has been launched… It’s not even worth it.


Exactly, I’m a big fan but not to that extent lol


I would totes buy Cabot’s planet tamer bomber jacket


Yes. That jacket is honest to god the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed.


10/10 idea. Would rockthrow bank at TRS. Wait… I mean in a good way… I don’t want to kill them… Just… Just take my money…


It is indeed, it screams I’m awesome and I know it