Major's Extensive Wraith/Behemoth Evaluation


The most hated Monster

Look, I understand that she needed a Nerf because in many cases she was absurd but really most of the people that complaind about her was uncoordinated teams because they were either really bad, randoms or just lacked communication and understanding of what needed to be done vs a Wraith. Before the update I fought and killed many Wraiths with RANDOM teams and with ZERO communication because everybody knew what they were doing or one guy (usually me) was doing his/her best to carry and support the team.

I play on Xbox One and before the DLC was released it gave me time to play with the Post-Patch Wraith and what was done to her I hated everything besides her Warpblast Damage buff and I made sure to abuse it and it does do wonders but regardless of the changes I was still destroying Randoms like any other Monster would vs random undisciplined teams. What else is there to expect?

Supernova did need an adjustment because it was an easy ability to use with too high of a reward. As the Wraith I stopped using Supernova because it wasn’t satisfying to use. So reducing the time was good but by a full %50 is a little much, even for me and I hate the ability anyway.

To skip ahead and not drag on I fought a really competitive team that has excellent coordination and skill that Pre-Patch challenged my Wraith Playstyle. We played five full games on Fusion Plant (they wanted to practice on that map vs Wraith) I ended up killing them all five games with a lot of effort put into each fight on both sides. Odd thing is they weren’t used to a Non-Supernova Wraith and were speechless on my combat style.

I ended up playing the same team with the Wraith last night on The Dam and while I’m sure its was partially because of the Map (it really favors smart Hunters) they were able to stay on me the entire time and it was impossible to get away long enough to evolve without being shot in the ass and domed. Plus their Griffen was constantly Harpooning me. Now I will compliment them on their team work and effiency in combat. They are really good players and deserved the win. I ended up losing the match twice to them while trying to adjust my playstyle to maybe help me gain some distance with the Traversal Perk.

It didn’t help. The Wraith has the SHORTEST traversal distance out of all the Monsters. Now it has been slowed to a speed that does not suffice for traversal escapes or for combat movement.

The Wraith is no longer viable for competitive play. This is coming from the “figuratively” #1 Wraith player for Xbox One. Surrealkillag is a friend of mine and he says that I’m a better “Nightmare” version of him with the Wraith.

She needed to be Rebalanced but not decapitated and tossed into the fireplace that the Hunters have going to eat Wraith Meat. Sure one can say “git gud bruh” but against a very good team the Wraith stands absolutely no chance at victory anymore.

The Goliath and Kraken will be the next in line to be nerfed at this pace because the following match (Round Three) I ended up Domed at Stage 2 (while evolving) and I managed to down their Trapper very quickly to get away with a little bit of effort. They chased me of course and we met again on the other side of the map and I hap Armor and Cool down Buff and I pretty much destroyed them with their trapper getting away with half HP. While the Medic Caira, Support Hank and Assault “newly buffed” Hyde were bleeding out I evolved to Stage 3 armored up and killed their Trapper as the other three were respawning. Ended with me still having enough armor to spare.

Goliath is the new OP Monster because I won right? If I had used Kraken would it have been OP because I won? Had I actually still won with the Wraith would it still need a newer Nerf bat to the face? F**K NO! But people are idiots and claim OP when they lose. They are to stubborn to learn and adapt. They are used to CoD and Halo and whatever else “At Least Low IQ Requirement” game that holds your hand. Look at Dark Souls, the franchise is built around screwing the players over but yet game holds a strong and loving community and fan base that I dare not make upset.

Again, adjustments were needed but please PLEASE understand what the players want TRS.

What you did with:

Traversals - Bad - No Speed for a Squishy Target means dead pile of mush.

Warpblast - Good - No longer an extra Super Traversal and more of a Combat mechanic.

Decoy - Cool down wasn’t needed an extension but its fine but the Decoy itself needs reduced damage while keeping the normal “flick” if shot while cloaked. DoT damage murders this ability with the new Meta. Caira Hank Griffin Hyde. DLC characters might be added into this list but for the time being this is it considering half of them were buffed in one way or another with only one minor drawback on Caira.

Give Wraith its normal Traversals again OR make her Traversals regenerate even more while domed and if actually fighting (yes I know traversal energy comes back faster via combat with the Wraith as it is it just isn’t enough) but Make Warpblast have a slightly shorter range (not radius but lunge range). Supernova could use a slight very slight duration increase… NOT MUCH but like 10 or so percent. Decoy is useless vs a good team who knows where you are at 24/7 and toss Toxic Grenades or other AOE weapons and even without them you show up so long even noobs see you.

Shit this is a long rant. Sorry. You probably get my point now so I’ll stop now.

The Squishy Glitchy Tank

I must say he probably the most fun to play at the moment and his concept is amazing. We’ve all heard the same complaints, too squishy. Okay, that’s now out of the way. My main grife with him at the moment is that he is EXTRMELY Glitchy as F**K right now.

First, there is the occasional FLYING Rolling Behemoth Glitch where as I go off a ledge I will at times NOT descend but keep my elevation and just roll over that there Tyrant pit and start climbing this here wall with about 10ish seconds saved on the clock. Its funny but has its complicated issues.

Other problem is the Rock Wall and its problem with it NOT building up a full wall with that one missing section and sometimes not form at all… thus leaving me without protection and with a long cooldown.

Then there is the abusive RollnSmash repeatedly which we all know its going to be adjusted.

Now onto the good things. It requires a STEEEEEP learning curve and people hate on it because they are so used to pressing “A” (or whatever your traversal button is) repeatedly to safety and don’t understand how to properly go with its intended playstyle. Good, I don’t want people to learn the secrets of this beast and not give me easy free wins as a Hunter.

When they give the Behemoth the inevitable buff/tweek I’ll be extremely happy. Tounge grabbing somebody and pinning them between you and a wall and setting them on fire and blasting them with Fissure is extremely satisfying and brings a much needed new feel to Evolve.

If you dislike the Behemoth it just means you haven’t gotten the feel for it or maybe it just doesn’t suit your play style but only a few matches and a few days can’t be the deciding factor on whether the Monster is good or not… I guess this makes my opinion on the beast kinda mute… damn.

Behemoth is great without question (from me) aside from his glitches and odd ability to die faster than a Post Patch Wraith at times and we all know how I feel about this new Wraith.

Feel free to comment… although I guess you don’t need my permission…


I agree with the Wraith thing the only thing that needed any changes was the decoy and warpblast. Warpblast was awful and decoy was too strong. Supernova was fine in my opinion.

I love Behemoth but I want to see what he is like without being bugged before I start really playing with him online


Yeah I’m surprised that I’ve won with Behemoth 20 times and no deaths even with his glitches. He is incredibly fun.


Behemoth takes way too much damage, rock wall doesn’t provide an actual wall 90% of the time, roll smash is fine.

Nuff said


I have played a few games and I won a few but lost majority because of the bugs. Even the ones I lose I generally get at least a few strikes so I’m not getting totally destroyed. It is diffuclt to play though when your taking tripel the daamge your supposed to or more depending on the hunter comp


Yeah I think most of the damage that people are complaining about is from the new Hunters…

Think about it. Slims Leech gun has Crit Bonus, Torvald is a beast, Sunny and Mininuke and finally Crow who has potentially the best Trapper gun. So all four hunters are shooting the monster where usually one is healing, one is amping or shielding, one is slowing while one is shooting.

These new hunters are designed to deal the most damage, period. Use Behemoth vs any other Hunters and he eats the damage. Just destroyed a Las, Mag, Buck, and Hyde combo with no armor (just evolved) and only lost one health bar.

Would’ve been WAY different vs the New Hunters.


But see those characters don’t generally use projectile weapons which is where the bug arises. I played a game where a hyde only fired his mingun for about a second or 2 and destroyed an entire health bar. A crowbill sloth took 4 bars of armor off on me just when i rolled by it and a mammoth bird does like half a bar vs 1/4 on the other 3


I am one of the Hunters that Major played against. I main assault a part of a very well coordinated team for competitive play. We needed to play against the best. Both sides were in agreement that changes were needed but some were too much. Balance changes should be based off of well coordinated teams versus experienced monster players. Wraith had a unique style of play but now it seems it lacks its luster. I hope to play you again Major when your monster play is more comparable from change.


Wraith is still to strong. Decoy is still a Joke, doing way to much damage even if you pick damage resistance Perk as Hunter. It’s also still to easy to be avasive in Domes. I still lose nearly every game against Wraith in Public Games, that suckz.
And don’t come with this… Evolve wasn’t meant to be played in Pubs. This fucking Game is being played in Pubs 95% of the Time so it has to be playable there. And i don’t see it be playable. This Game really really needs a ranking system or better match making or a debuff/buff system for high win/lose players otherwise i’m out. I really really love evolve but i’m tired of chasing evasive monsters and getting crushed stage 3 especially from ghosts.


Which is why Decoy needs a damage Nerf, not so much a cool down extension by a two measly seconds and an increased visual time when shot.


But before Pubs never stood a chance vs a Wraith. I actually win a fair amount of games now with pubs since the changes. Maybe a little too many but the win rate is around 50 to 55 according to devs so its a bit more even unlike before where she had around 60 and over.

Those numbers are also based off people who know what they are doing so no need to say that its base doff people who suck


Be social. Gain friends from Pubs. Form teams. Play customs. Join tournaments. Have fun. Ranking system is underway and the game is still young.


I hope so too, the can’t be used via competitive matches only pubs where any monster can score an easy win if he’s smart. Just killed four Tier 4 hunters as a stage 1 behemoth with tounge grab and wall


I feel like Behemoth will be your go to when he’s less squishy.


Thats not the point anyone could use wraith and own with it. It took no skill to use all you had to do was spam supernova then decoy and it was impossible to win unless you had a team of 40’s who communicated well which was rarely the case.


where did you get those numbers from ? there arn’t any numbers given by devs being actual.

the problem this game has… the run away tactic in domes is just to powerful. and charging the traversal by getting shot isn’t very helpful either. this feature was thought to be able as monster to catch up with the hunters in a fight. but it’s constantly abused for being evasive. that suckz because you can’t do much shit against it with most hunters. it’s like being a background actor watching the monster evolving to stage 3. and wraith is the worst… before patch it was: Supernova -> decoy -> hide & run. now it is: Warp Blast -> Decoy -> hide & run. Decoy is that strong that it easily can take out a hunter by his own. yesterday i got an elite ghost (i think he had damage bonus perk pretty sure) he 2 shot a hunter with decoy. FUCkING 2 SHOT !!! WITH A DECOY !!! That’s hilarious.


You’re talking to the guy who won without Supernova and who didn’t press the Decoy Button every single time he was shot and when it was ready…

I utilized in Warpblast and Abduction.


Exactly what I’ve been saying from the get go. Decoy does way too much damage and at times I see it hit targets that should have been way it of range.

Decoy was fine as it was before it just needs to not be given the Supernova Effects and not deal as much damage and it would be fine… maybe with the slight increase to Cool down.


Macman posted them in some other thread i can’t remember which one.

I don’t beleive that at all because I’ve gotten the damage perk and the only time my decoy ever 2 shot a hunter was when they had 2 strikes already and it used the heavy attack.


As of right now… he’s my go to regardless because I want to rock his Elite Skin with as little boosting as possible but Multi-Target/Hunter hits with Lava Bomb are difficult with its slow launch and inability to aim while firing… and smart people can see it coming and one jet dodge and they are fine.