Majoras Mask


Just bought this for my girl shes a huge Majoras mask fan and im a twilight princess fan we bunk heads

best one I could find tbh anyone else into Zelda?



But really, I have a Zelda tattoo and like 45876345987 Zelda things.


Also plan to buy this

Im also a huge Zelda fan, I have a few games on N64 still I feel like nothing compares to the originals, but I also have the Gamecube versions because Twilight princess was my favorite edition


I love Zelda!!


CDI is da best Zelda game out there cause it’s the only game where you actually play solely as Zelda.


Of course, I loveeeee Zelda , first game I ever played was a Zelda game. That’s what started me gaming .
The original LOZ oh man, I have so many memories.
Wind Waker is definitely my favorite though, its a classic.


Damn, that second picture. D: I need that. I’m a huge fan of Twilight Princess.


Majora’s Mask has to be one of my favorite LoZ games, the mask changing Link’s physical form is just amazing!! The game was scary as a kid. The mummy dude and playing the song to revert him back to normal as an example. Haha! :slight_smile:


Twilight princess was far better PFFT

jk its a personal opinion but yeah it was insane I enjoyed it


who isnt into zelda tbh… still gotta play TP HQ …


Oh yeah, I love zelda, best character

######please don’t kil me


In playing HD right now! So pretty!


This is an oddly specific number.


She probably has some kinda counter in her room


aaaa don’t tempt me i should really finish windwaker first before i start another new game… i rly wanna play it though, midna is probably my fav companion.