Major Warrior LIVE Streaming - Behemoth Mastery 45+ Wins 35th Global

Major Warrior is my Gamer Tag. I’ve been playing since Launch and have all Non-DLC Monsters and Hunters Maxxed out and now I am working on the new stuff and mainly focusing in Behemoth. It’s funny because Hunters expect me to suck like most of the other Behemoths who cry “Buff!”

I love playing Monster the most over Hunters, nothing like being chased by four people to get that blood pumping. Rocking 500+ Monster Wins with four deaths, not including Customs and even some of those four are bulls**t join in progress deaths but oh well.

I’d like to say I’m one of the Top Players but Leaderboards don’t mean jack considering quitters to save their measly stats. I never quit… unless joining a losing game in progress but since they are resetting Leaderboards I guess it doesn’t even matter then. I did start a thread about the Leaderboard reset if interested.

I stream at:

Before a game starts I’ll ask what you guys want to see me go as and with what perks and what limitations (so long as they are reasonable) and go from there.

I want to know what the community thinks of my playstyle, even though I know my friends like what they see but they are friends and for all I know they could just be playing nice.

I look forward to seeing everyone in the stream and I’ll update the thread when I’m broadcasting. Which I’ll update this post at the bottom on my broadcasting if on or not.

Also if something goes wrong with my broadcast let me know, I’ve been trying to figure out and trouble shoot some of the issues.

Stream Status: Live

Edit: DLC is here for Xbox One! SUCCESS!!!


Is there a way to block certain users from ever showing up in my default feed? I’m sick of all the streamers advertising and bumping their own threads.


What do you mean default feed? What here on the forums?

Sorry if offend.

Either way I’m on the last character to Master… Hyde.

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You, sir, are a machine of awesomeness. I only have the Medics, Supports, and Griffin and Abe. And Goliath. You make me feel impotent. :wink:

Not sure if serious…

But if you are then thank you good sir.

Just Maxxed out the last of the characters. Now I’m just waiting to dominate the Behemoth when it releases. Only Achievement I need is Ninja Time which is just impossible without boosting. Only legit methods I can think of is either spamming Banshee Mines as Kraken or Super Decoy as Wraith and staying out of sight.

I’ll be on all day Sunday and mainly playing as Monster but for now time for sleepz.

I was serious. That’s impressive consudering you aren’t soligrinding.

Yeah I found the Solo Grinding boring as hell because at the end of a game you don’t have anyone to talk to or anyone sending “You’re a bitch!” Messages.

I did do a smidge of Solo Grinding but it was to finish up the last of some things like Buckets Direct Hits and Krakens last 30ish Vortexes. I must say though its made me a better player and has made me very flexible in all roles. So if anyone wants or needs anything else specific I am capable and at my strongest.

But now I’ll be playing mainly as Monster and trying to better myself in that area further. Last night came across three teams of four and fought each one twice and won most of the Matches at Stage 2 Wraith while still giving them hell at Stage 1. First team I fought I talked to them a bit because I had two weird glitchy moments while fighting them. 1. My Wraith was stuck in Warp blast animation and I managed to fix it via Take a Break and 2. I shot out like 7-8 traversals in a row without stopping.

In the end they were pretty cool and we commented on each others play style and they liked the fact that I actually fought them at Stages 1 and 2 and not just spam Decoys.

Can’t say the same about the last group who was super salty…

Calling me the “bitchiest monster running with its tail in between its legs” even though I was causing strikes pre-Stage 2…

Well, obnoxious Essay aside… I’m online and broadcasting now. Feel free to comment and make suggestions (this goes for anyone). I plan to be here all day.

Thank you for your kind words by the way Midnight Monash.

Been going on a 16 Win Streak with Behemoth and no deaths… although I’ve had some close ones…

Maybe this can give everyone a better view of Behemoth and how to get better as him since I see so many “Behemoth SUCKS!” comments.

But when are you going to show us how to boost like the good old days on ACV.

I’m sorry?

Was taking a jab at you to see if I knew you from another game. Sorry if I offended, its an inside joke.

Well I think I do remember you from the game. And yes I did repair my land but at least I was honest and put it up for grabs… unlike some infamous teams…

Ha, its all good. Nice to see your doing well, you down to do some hunting?

I feel so lost here.

Not as lost as I am when I stare at Wraiths hips for the first 30 seconds of a game.

As the hunter…


Goodbye. I’m returning to the safe, warm side of the forums. ^.^

I see how it is. >->

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Shoot, I missed all the fun here… was busy destroying players as Behemoth like crazy.

Going on like 40+ wins with no deaths including a Defend game but time now for sleep.

Edit: I made some adjustments and proof read my OP… can’t believe I used “here and their” instead of “there.” Must have been tired.

*Enters thread.*

*Slowly backs off.*