Major tracking tip that I never see utilized outside of high competitive play

You can track the monster via wildlife spawns. This works as wildlife has a popping in animation/effect when spawning for the first time. This can be used in the early game to quickly determine the direction a monster is going (if you know the wildlife spawn points). You use this by heading down a common monster feeding path, and seeing if Wildlif has spawned. If none has spawned, or is just starting to spawn (due to your presence) head in another direction as he didn’t go that way. Keep doing this until you find solid tracks (corpses, tracks, birds etc) and you’ll be able to find any sneaking monster stage one.


Because birds didn’t ruin sneaking enough right :stuck_out_tongue:


Great tip, most people do know about it, but the reason they don’t use it because it’s not waterproof and reliable every match. There are a few things that happen. The hunters also have their own spawns and don’t really see beyond a certain range in the map. This is quite confusing. Second, the wildlife also has their own behaviour. If they spawn, but aren’t running or walking weirder than normal the monster hasn’t been there either. It’s how we know we are walking into the wrong direction.

Most of the time it is more effecient to just go into the directions most monsters go to, and then see if that was the right choise. ESL are quick and aggresive matches and the monster will not win by sneaking all match. Both teams need to do damage and gets strikes in.



BEsides, it’s usually faster just to do the normal stuff, honestly. If there are no birds one minute in he’s in the caves. Gg.

Little did she know, I was in the opposite direction, under the influence of Friendly Birds!


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I always disable elite wildlife when we scrimm.

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…I know…

Never lucky enough to happen upon that tiny little thing anyways, and even so, I’d of had Carrion hit as I was eating it. Go figure, right?

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This tip is generally better on maps with large LoS at the spawn or wildlife that spawns upon heading a certain dirrection. You can generally check if he’s not gone a way or anywhere in that general direction in a few seconds. On some maps like Orbital Drill it can be a bit harder due to the nature of spawns.

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