Major Stage 2 Bug: Not earning any XP


I’ve played about three games today, and I have earned 0 XP for the matches. I have won 2/3, and it still doesn’t earn any; I have, however, gotten silver keys.

Any idea how to fix?


Its not a bug. just keep playing


No seriously. There is no progression AT ALL from my Character OR my Global Level


There is another thread specifying that it is working, it’s just a visual bug.
El @Buckets_Sentry_Gun pls close :slight_smile:



Oh, okay. Cool! Does it progress when we level up at least to the next rank? xD


I think yes, but remember, it’s just a visual bug


See the topic posted by Fox News, you just need to catch up to the UI. :slight_smile:


Ahhh, gotcha - does it affect character progression too?
I don’t care about global level, but i am ONE level off from Elite Bucket ;-;


I believe it affects all progression, but don’t quote me on that.


Guess not! Also, I wasn’t as close as I thought xD


Not a bug, but if something else crops up about your XP, let the Mod team know and we can reopen this for you!