Major PS4 Issues


Love this game but really disappointed with some shoddy coms on PS4. In game coms are just unuseable, loud and distorted beyond any undestanding, for a game that relies on teamwork this is just unbelievable!
Not so much of an issue if playing with friends I hear you say, well only if you have a full team of 4 and dont need to communicate with randoms.
Even so, there is another issue and that is constant NAT errors in party, this is virtually game breaking as it is necessary to leave party and rejoin in order to regain coms, all while hunting deadly monsters!!
Now I dont understand how these things work but what I do know is that when I play other games with the same players these NATerrors never appear so this seems to be something to do with playing Evolve. These things are very nearly game breaking, we even considering using Teamspeak to overcome these isuues but surely we dont have to resort to such a ridiculous solution? Please please sort this out or at least let us know you are taking steps to end this nightmare…ta


And dont even get me started on why I have to come out of the game to join friends in a match, what sort of idiocy is that? I should be able to find friends and invite or join within the game, not from my ps4 friends list.

Oh, and while you’re at it, sort out the chaos that is matchmaking, I would love to spend more time playing the game than waiting in interninable queues.

I am angry because I love playing this game but these basic, vitually game breaking issues are ruining my experience.

Are there others out there with the same observations?