Major nvidia stuttering due to anti aliasing


Im encountering a bug that causes my frames to drop randomly from 90 - 30 for anywhere between 1-3 seconds erratically through matches. It is especially bad whenever I try to use lightning strike as kraken as it will hitch for a solid 3 seconds at the the same frame while everyone casually walks out of the blast radius. Its not every time but it is frequent. I have also noticed that I am unable to actually change my anti-aliasing settings. If I try to change it, it will accept, ill exit back the the main menu, go back to options to check only to find it has reset back to the default every time. I have turned down every setting and the hitching still occurs if I use SLI or not. This needs to be fixed.

Also I am using two nvidia 970’s, both of which only average about 60-80 percent gpu ussage at any given time. My memory also caps at about 60% so the problem should not be on my end.