MAJOR issues


So I got the game a day ago, and I’ve had a really good time with it. I could run it smoothly but with low graphics. But starting today I’ve had MAJOR issues with the game. The intro screen became very laggy. I figured it was nothing and skipped it. Turns out EVERYTHING was this way. The menu, matches, everything. I went into my devices and saw that my Intel® HD 4600 Graphics driver was unresponsive, so I unistalled and reinstalled it and that fixed it. When I started Stage 2 again it was much smoother than before. It ran as smoothly as before. But then everthing looked like this…
I have no idea why it did this. I disabled the driver and it looked better, but it ran much worse. Anyone know why this would be happening?


Your video card is dying?


Well it hasn’t had any other issues except with this, so I have no idea what the problem is. Thanks for a quick reply though.


Is this a laptop?


I think I’ve had this issue once myself before with another game. I don’t think it’s an Evolve thing though?


It’s your laptop. Your graphic card doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for the game. If anything, you are over stressing the GPU and the chance might be there that it might break down


Hm. Well I guess I’ll just wait for the console release then. Thanks for the answers everyone.


your graphics card needs a buff


EDIT: (Guess I won’t being doing that as I found that you can’t in most cases…) I would try that but I imagine that it would be a bit difficult to do that on a laptop. However, I dont know much when it comes to this kind of stuff…


Yeah it would be a good deal of work to upgrade a laptop. Probably not worth it.