Major, game destroying bug after patch. 3 FPS, Screen goes black [solved]


This guy sums it up.

FIrst game after the update, everyone, even those with monster PC’s, get 4-7 FPS. All of us, monster included, have black screens with nothing but the HuD. Assault, for some reason, did not.

That’s basically all there is to this? I’m a little scared to start another game but I will,and see if it causes this.


I think this is this:


Yup, thanks.

Sorry, I didn’t think to search for one since it’s only been a little while.


Yep, having the same.

Played fine all weekend.
downloaded the patch today and then this on log in.
Screen black. Game running, was able to chat with other players and idle my character and see Gobi flying about and player names moving, but everything else black.

Screen black in training too. and lags heavily if trying to move to menus to check options.


Go to the thread linked above, the devs are fixing it and asking for data from people.


Should be fixed with the latest update.

Black screen during matches [solved]

I had the same problem since the last update.

not allowed to ad .txt file for my dxdiag.


I think this guy has a fix:

Good luck.


Works like a charm


Awesome. :slight_smile: