Major Framerate Drops [PS4]


So, in the midst of farming Emet’s masteries in Arena and suddenly I’ve started experiencing some major framerate drops. Not talking about little dips here-and-there, either, it’s practically dropping to 0fps for seconds at a time on a startlingly regular basis.

At first I was concerned that there was something wrong with my console, but after spending several hours on several other games and experiencing no issues with the framerate, I thought that there was something wrong with my disc. No big deal, I thought, new copies of Evolve are going on Amazon for less than £10, I’ll just buy a new copy and call it a day. Turns out, however, that there was nothing wrong with my disc, at all, and I’m confident that it’s not an issue with my console.

Now, I’m not entirely sure what triggered it exactly, but here’s what I was playing when the issues started cropping up.
Emet, Cabot, Maggie, Lennox, Kellog (Elder Kraken) in Broken Hill Murder Pits. After a little while like this I swapped out Kellog out for Behemoth and the issues persisted. After soldiering on and getting Maggie’s masteries out of the way I swapped her out for Griffin, and still the issues persisted. And after a while I even changed the map, which also didn’t help.

It seems that not playing Evolve for a little while alleviates them, but even then that’s only temporary. I’m not sure if this is confined to Solo Arena, or if one of the characters, or these particular combinations of characters are causing it, so I figure it might be worth bringing up. If anyone on the PS4 has had these issues online, it’ll probably be best to confirm.

A part of me suspects that it might be a memory leak issue, but I’ve not really got anything to go on to make such an evaluation.


Have you tried completely powering down your console and unplugging it for a bit? That should clear it out. If that fixes it, then it could be a memory leak. If not, then it’s one fix to cross off the list.


I’ve powered it down, but not unplugged it. I typically always turn my consoles off completely when I’m not using them, I’ll unplug it when I next turn it off, though, see if that does anything.


The broken hill murder pits kill the frame rate on PS4 for some reason. Absolutely wreck it.


But does that extend to the other maps you play on afterwards? I switched to Orbital Drill after a few rounds in the Murder Pits, and whilst the drops were fewer, they were still there, and the game still dropped to about 0fps for seconds at a time.


I’ve had this issue about a few weeks ago when I was farming masteries on solo arena in aviary. It wasn’t the first time that it happened but I don’t play too much solo so I don’t know how frequent this really is.

While we’re on the topic of ps4, the servers are screwing up for like the 5th weekend in a row. Disconnects and penalties are flying everywhere. Just wanted to let whoever’s in charge of that know.


Well, it’s good to know that I’m not the only one, and since you’re also reporting it to be happening in solo arena there’s a chance that it may be an issue specific to those conditions. I’m about to plug my PS4 back in, if these framerate issues spring back up again I’ll look into other solo modes to see if they’re happening there, as well.


UPDATE: Okay, turning the console off and then unplugging it actually did clear up the framerate issues for one game, after that they were back and just as frequent as ever. However, out of interest, I had another game of Arena as the monster, same settings, comp, monster as I’ve been using to farm Emet’s masteries (Emet, Cabot, Griffin and Lennox vs. Behemoth) and interestingly enough there was only a single noticeable framerate drop at about the beginning of the game, after that, I had no other issues.

Once that game was finished I had a game of Defend, and a game of Hunt, once again, same comp, etc, and only had the one noticeable framerate drop at about the beginning of each game.

It seems that these framerate issues are confined to Arena mode when playing as a Hunter.


@ArPharazon any ideas here? :anguished:


No, it only happens on the murder pits.


I had it happen in Orbital Drill, as well.


Frame rate hitches are a problem that crops up from time to time. Almost always the bug is caused by us failing to load a required asset (model, texture, etc.) under the loading screen, so when it is needed in game, it’s loaded on demand. We can go on the lookout for this, particularly in Arena mode and on Broken Hill Murder Pits, if that’s where you see it happen most often.

What doesn’t make sense to me is that resetting the console would temporarily lessen or remove the problem. That would definitely help with a memory leak, but asset caching? Can’t see the connection. (And I’m not saying your observation is wrong, just that I’m surprised.)

When you unplug the console, how it affects Evolve is that it prevents the game from staying resident in memory between sessions. Normally, PS4 and Xbox both keep the game effectively running in the background when you return to the dashboard or power down. This gives you a quicker startup when you start to play again. It’s not necessary to actually unplug the console to accomplish this, though. You should be able to stop the game with an option on the dashboard. Playing a different game also removes our game from memory.

Sorry to hear you went to the extent of buying a new disc! The disc couldn’t have caused your problem. Games on PS4 and Xbox One are now like PC games, in that they install themselves completely onto your console’s hard drive. After that, the disc serves merely as an authorization key. Other than checking that you have the right to play the game, the disc is used for nothing post install.


He does mention that he played with Cabot, could it be perhaps due to the particles FPS drop issue? @Nasha842, do you have this issue only when playing with Cabot? I would assume you use him a lot as you are going for your masteries.


There is this one thing the PS4 will do. If you turn off your PS4 but were in the middle of a game or in a game, it will keep the process alive and running. Take Smite for example. I was playing it for a few hours and did a few rounds of Joust and Arena. I got off and completely turned off my PS4. When I turned it back on two hours later is put me straight back into the game.


Right, that’s one of the things I was talking about above.


This is different though. What you described was the rest function, not a complete shutoff. This is me completely powering down my PS4. No orange light indicating that’s still doing functions.


It also tells my friends I’m still on, but instead of the regular blue circle that indicates I’m on, it shows a yellow one.


Oh, ok, sorry!

Do you still have the option to kill the process from the dashboard?


That’s still there.


It’s like I said, whenever I call time on gaming I typically shut the game down, take the disc out of the console, and then fully turn the console off. So, I don’t think it’s a memory leak issue, since that doesn’t lessen the problem, in fact, nor does moving onto another game. And given that none of my other games have this issue, I think it’s pretty safe to assume that it’s a problem with Evolve somehow, though, thankfully it does seem to be confined to arena mode when playing as the Hunters. I did switch to monster for a couple of games and the issues seemingly just vanished.

I think that it may also be worthwhile to mention that I spent about 3 - 4 days in Arena farming masteries for the monsters without any kind of problem, but about a game or so after switching to the hunters to do the same thing, that’s when things started cropping up. And since the only monster I had mastered before that was Behemoth I’ve played all the monsters in Arena at this point, and they don’t have this issue.