Major FPS slowdown on Orbital Map Variant


@ArPharazon Since the new patch I am getting major FPS slowdowns only on the new variant of Orbital Drill. There are no issues anywhere else in the game for me.

System Spec:

Intel i6600 CPU
AMD R9 390
Gigabyte Z-170x Gaming 6
Windows 10 64 bit

As soon as it cuts to the drop ship conversation there is a massive drop from 75 fps to the teens. Once I land it goes back up, but throughout the level after that I see slowdowns back into the 20’s and 30’s especially during combat. I don’t know if anyone else is this problem, the level seems fine for most people I have played with. Thanks!

Cataclysm feedback thread.!

yup. A lot of reports coming in. And most of the reports seem to be amd cards.

I lock the fps at 60 and I’m getting 60 most of the time, but get these small stutters that drop down to 42-43 fps when I’m swinging the camera around in a wide area…just for 1 or 2 seconds…but still something that is crazy annoying and will happen 2-4 times during a match.

i7 5820k 6 core processor at 3.3ghz
16gb ddr4 3000 ram
Radeon 390x 8gb


RIP my graphic card.


I must admit, I’m AMD scum as well and I’m getting some pretty heinous frame drops. It’s so pretty though.


yah, r9 380 here…


Thanks, we’re investigating.


All other maps run fine but this new map is giving major FPS drops on my Nvidia card


Same here. R9 Fury. As soon as hunters pop into view on the dropship the framerate tanks from 75 to the 20’s. Only on this map though. Then I get random moments throughout the map where it does the same.


So it isn’t just an mad problem.

And from what I’m hearing, no matter what setting you put, you still get the stutter.

So even of I put my beefy system on low settings, it’ll still stutter.



I am still getting huge FPS drops in Cataclysm and now in Overpowered. I don’t see the drops on the other maps. It is the same as before the patch, there is a huge drop into the teens on the dropship, then again when the doors open, then when the hunters land. It also is still unstable during the match, but does not seem to be as bad as before. I have only played as hunter on these maps.

System Spec:

Intel i6600 CPU
AMD R9 390
Gigabyte Z-170x Gaming 6
Windows 10 64 bit


Same. Both new maps are the same for me. R9 Fury.