Major bug - cannot stop Gorgon's wall pounce


It happend to me at least two times. I wall-pounced a hunter and when other saw that they start to shoot me. Unfortunately shots couldnt stop me from pouncing the hunter. Additionaly I as a monster couldnt break the pounce pressing ctrl button. The result is - instant death for monster due to taking huge amounts of damage with no way to prevent it and lost battle. I noticed that it happens when pounced hunter is close to the ledge or elevation.

Gorgon Pounce Bug

I lost a match just like that this morning. I have yet to get to a computer so that I can post the video on the forums. When I am able to I will post it in this thread. Thank you for creating it. I was pressing every button on my controller on xbox one, and Gorgon would not get off of the hunter (assault). I lost due to tanking an entire Hank orbital.


I don’t think you should be able to stop a 800 pound monster falling 20 feet onto your tiny fragile human body… but that’s just my silly logic haha

ps just press B to cancel it just like any other pounce


What hes stating is it doesn’t cancel like a normal pounce hence the bug category.


is that a PC bug?


Had this happen once to me as well. I’m on PC.


I was refering to PC but @CursdFoxCodeman mentioned about the same issue on xbox one


You guys are already pouncing from walls lol I cant even stick to the darn thing haha


No not pc only had a friend on ps4 today that had the same bug while we played customs only thing that broke the pounce was the hunters incap monster couldn’t self cancel it. He didn’t lose because of it but its still a problem I also have no evidence of this but next time i see it ill start recording.


I had this happen as well, and I believe that it happened to Source_TV as well while streaming this week.


This bug happened to me last night after the Kala patch. Here is a video-


That’s unfortunate. Basically keeping all gorgon players from flexing the power of the wall pounce.


Happened to me last night as well, in an arena match on PC.

Seriously this bug needs to be fixed, it makes me not want to play one of my favorite monsters because of how game-breaking this bug is.