Main Lazarus Thread


With the permission of the fantastic SlinkyGuy, and because we’ve had about seven different threads complaining about him in three days.

Go wild.

Does Lazarus need a buff?

Lazarus is a nice man.



Lazarus is good in pubs but easly countered by monsters that a little bit above average.



When I am a Monster I usually seem to get wrecked by Laz. He just sneaks in at the perfect time and then sneaks out. Notice I said usually - love catching him off guard and pounding him into the dust. Which is what usually seems to happen to me when I play Laz. He’s a ton of fun but I think I just struggle with him. :confounded:


maybe remove the 45 seconds timer if someone dies.
give him the full 2min to revive.
that would make him powerful as hell.
he has to hide and snipe and go in if right moment is coming or if monster leaving corpse.


God I hate him so much with my Wraith. In a good way… He is literally the worst medic to play against as Wraith but also delivers one of the most fun matches due to his mechanics. He makes building up those mandatory strikes as Wraith pre stage 3 so bloody hard and with that double cloak forces you to constantly keep track of Laz, the Support, the downed Hunters, corpses, the Assault to break los… Games against a good Laz are really taxing and hard as Wraith, but way more fun than any other medic for me.

He is viable against 1 Monster, Wraith and I could even see him picked up in the esl against her… If medic wouldn’t be first pick… If Wraith hadn’t been nerfed without compensation so we most likely won’t see her again for a long time anyways… If corpses wouldn’t fall through maps occasionally…


I have hard evidence to back this.


Lazarus doesn’t really need much of a buff, he just needs a really good team to shine. Glitching corpses that teleport to the other end of the map or get swallowed up by the earth is a game changer and it’s unfortunate that it hasn’t been fixed at this point. Anything more than a slight area increase to his healing burst I think could ruin his balance.


lazarus is the best against extremely good monsters because with patience your team will go dropship to dropship doing great damage


I realized he isn’t too shabby. I’ve seen an ESL team playing against the number 6th goliath, and what they’ve done in a dome was leave Lazarus outside of the dome. The other 3 hunters stood in the dome just dodging until one or two died and the dome would go down so Lazarus could revive them, and the monster couldn’t eat the bodies because they wouldn’t let him.

Just like how the dialogue says that he isn’t a medic, but a Lazarus man. He isn’t meant for healing. Wow… it took me so long to know how he’s supposed to be played. But while in a dome, he gets pummeled.


Laz is bad against Goliath

Laz is medium against Behemoth (depend on the situation)

Laz is good against Wraith and Kraken.


laz is good against goliath and behemoth but bad against kraken I think your mixing things up



Goliath can easily kill Laz because of his fire.

Kraken can’t prevent Laz from reviving unless he is on ground and use aftershock, Laz have time to revive easily if Kraken don’t have aftershock… and he have no ability as good as Goliath’s flames against Laz.

Laz is only good against Goliath if he have Torvald on his team (or Bucket)

For Behemoth, he is good most of the time, but in caves its impossible to revive and Torvald can’t help. (Bucket can if he is just in the good place at the good moment.)


well all things considered how often does laz need to go for revives it’s all about that body camp damage


which is where kraken becomes harder and harder to damage


Lazarus might be seeing some more action soon. The new meta is to hold the dome for a post evolve dome, especially with Abe’s tracking. Monsters caught with no armour will be flighty and perhaps even more hesitant to engage with Lazarus around to prevent strikes. There’s still the vulnerability of the trapper, and Abe is not the best at kiting, but maybe there is some potential in this combo.


how did you know I play abe that’s scary and the support keeps me alive normally I am seriously scared that you knew I play as abe with laz


No I just watched last week’s finals and I’m seeing the potential in Abe that teams haven’t been using. It was only a couple weeks ago I when I first notice Abe being used by Gentleman Squirrel in one of his videos.

That’s awesome dude that you play Abe Laz. Can I ask you a question? Does your Lazarus have any trouble staying safe when support has to use his cloak to hide you the trapper?


honestly support doesn’t need to cloak me jet pack Booster and shield drone does its job and laz chills outside normally heals through the dome unless he feels comfortable inside abe comps best with laz so you know exactly how far you need to be to avoid smell range


was that helpful