Magma Skin from Season Pass


I purchased my season pass from game a few days after it was announced. I received my code and it was accepted on PSN.

The skin however is not available for selection when trying to customise the monster but the code from the box to unlock that one worked. I can see Default and Goliath Savage Skin. the third is just not there, so basically the DLC does’t work. !


If it’s anything like the X1, you have to queue it up to download separately. Check the PSN store and view your purchases, you should see it there I would think.


I doubled checked the purchase history and all I can find is this
Instant Hunter Pack


Evolve Monster Expansion Pack

Neither of these can be listed for download or queued. ! they just activate,
So no go there. !


Hmmm, I am not seeing that you bought the Hunting Season Pass in what you posted, only that you unlocked Tier 3 it looks like. I could be wrong.


Thats exactly the problem, I have the pass from Game and the code was accepted but it does;t list it. !

Order Number: XXXXXXXXX
Order Date: 27 January 2015

Delivery Address:
Delivery Method: UK FREE Delivery

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D/DL PS4 EVOL HUNTING SEASON (PlayStation Network)
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1 £19.99 £19.99
Total cost of products: £19.99
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VAT included: £3.33
Order Total: £19.99


Have you contacted Sony directly?


I will be today as well as game ,