Magma and Savage skins


Will said skins be available for purchase eventually? I know you can get the Magma skins for buying the season pass, but I will never play hunter so no way am I gonna pay $24.99 for said skins. And the savage skin was a pre-order bonus but I don’t pre order games any more due to this gen pushing out garbage beta games charging 60 for them, that’s a lot of money to risk on a half-assed game.


Yes (10 chars)


To further elaborate on Magik_boom’s post, the devs have stated that they absolutely do not like exclusives such as pre-order bonuses or getting certain skins by purchasing from certain vendors. Any “exclusives” in this game are time-limited, meaning that they will be available to everyone after a certain time period.

As such, I would imagine the Savage skin will be available anytime between soonish and one month from the game’s launch date, though keep in mind that timeline is personal speculation.

As for the Magma skins, I’m not sure… I would hope they sell them separately, but as far as I am aware, they haven’t said anything that would give a clue as to what they’ll decide in this case.


Thanks :slight_smile: some info and speculation is better than nothing.