Magma and savage skin error


Hi, i buy the ultimate version today. All is ok buy magma skins apears like no avaiable. When i try to download in the library it show an error.
This version also includes a goliath salvage skin but it appears as not buyed. When i go to try to download in the library it push me an error again. Anyone know if i can fix it? Its only 4 skins but i like it. Thanks

I buy the ps4 version


Do you mean the Savage skin for Goliath?


Yep it apears in the library like i got it but when i try to download… Nothing happens or push me an error. I try to search in store but it appears as not buyed yet. Im on ps4.

I can download the other content without problems it only affect to these skins


This is probably a server issue then. All skins are tied into the servers, making it so you don’t have to download them. Having them is basically having a line of code or a key telling the server you have access to this content.

To solve this, try restarting your PS4 and reconnecting your internet connection through your PS4.


I fixed the spelling error in the title.


Have you got the skins to work now?


There will be a code in the box, try checking there




Yes’m? You rang?


Help this guy out if he hasn’t already been helped out. Skin issue for Magma and Savage skins for the ultimate edition. (I presume)


Ahh, I’m waiting to hear what all he has tried. Either he missed the codes or his ps4 could use a hard reboot.


I restart everything and it works. In the library on ps4 appears as not avaiable to download but all of content are in game. Thank you so much!


@skills4u2envy @TheMountainThatRoars problem solved! Thread close please?