Maggie's Hunter Ability - Please Give us Some Control


As the subject implies I’m asking we get some control over Daisy as she just has a mind of her own and typically is always two steps behind where and what a monster is doing.

Let us use the button for Maggie’s hunter ability to direct her where you want her to search and/or move to, like a waypoint with a search built in. So like, after Daisy gets to the point you specified she will resume her search for the monsters whereabouts.

Community what do you think?


We only need a heel command for when the team is cloaked. Daisy is just fine beyond that. Although I wouldn’t mind seeing her with the ability to help hunters out of plants or other threats they can’t prevent themselves.


I would love this, would make daisy more interactive.


I want a bite the monsters ankles button please.


How about holding the button forces her to stay by your side? Resolved :smile:


@MacMan got something for your to consider that is undoubtedly lost in the sea of threads.


You can just avoid those things.


Not when smart monsters knock you into them mid fight :wink:


I think its a good idea


or when downed come back to revive you.