Maggie's Harpoons Can't Stop Abduction


I’m saying this from a hunters point of view (for some reason, I was able to play as a monster this one time, despite being in a party on Xbox One), my friend saw me ready abduct and was running back to his harpoons that he had placed prior. The moment he touched down near them I got him, and as expected I heard the familiar tink!, and all the harpoons hit me. Yet even though I was attached I STILL dragged him all the way back to my previous secluded zone and finished him before the assault could save him. I proceeded to rip the rest of the team apart and win but that’s besides the point. Is it a bug that they can’t restrain or do Maggie’s harpoons just not stop abductions?

Ps(He even messaged me a clip showing it, don’t know how to post it if possible, CLEARLY shows me getting hit)