Maggie's Daisy 3 star unlock


What the hell is this? How is this supposed to even be possible when Laz is in 50% of hunter teams? I used the 50% boost from the android game and i STILL haven’t gotten a single point towards this challenge since release.


I got elite Maggie :slight_smile:


Advice please. :frowning:

And don’t say monotonous custom games.


Which challenge you need help with?


Play lots of games.

Battle of attrition since you can’t control what daisy does.


Since I hate these kind of challenges (you have little control over the objective of the challenge and accomplishing does not prove much aside from the fact that you’ve playe Maggie a lot), I actually did this in solo.

Play rescue mode, let daisy rez the survivors, job done. Launch game, let Daisy rez one survivor, two if you are lucky, restart round. Yes it’s shitty and monotonous, but it’s done in 30mins


Custom game
Colonists/Ebonstar as the map effect
Favours Monster

People will be going down left and right, plenty of rezzes for Daisy!


Solo mode Rescue games.


I see. I’ll hop on that when i have time. Fun suddenly becomes work with this.


Yeah, this challenge sucks balls to be honest, but one the other hand, Elite daisy is cool :slight_smile:


I recommend just playing evac and hope you get rescue and trapper.


I have been stuck at 8/9 for weeks


Play evac, she’ll still rescue survivors despite laz. That’s how I got mine.


Play the rescue mission. Select the speed buff for Maggie so you and Daisy can quickly run towards the survivors.

Had no issues with this and did it really fast, some times Daisy would revive five people in a match.