Maggie vs Wasteland Maggie - Which is the better pick?



Basically what’s in the title, out of the two which would most say is better?

I tried WLM with all poison rounds since I thought it’d be a good combination since she has fire rounds too.
However, her damage feels non-existant and doesn’t seem worth the pick IMO.

Haven’t tried it as Maggie yet but has she got more damage overall anyway? The 3 harpoons seem a lot better too.

  • Maggie
  • Wasteland Maggie

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WLM was nerfed way too much so OGM is the better choice.


That’s a shame, I like WLM’s looks a lot more than Maggie’s but oh well.

Hopefully they buff her soon then :slight_smile:


I have waggie maxed but she is much weaker now and the original Maggie is better , I think her dots don’t get counted at the score screen if i remember (maybe that got fixed/changed)