Maggie Strategy, Tips and Advice Thread


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Stage 2: Maggie Strategy, Tips and Advice


So Maggie is perhaps one of my favorite hunters (certainly my favorite trapper). When tracking the monster, it’s not exactly rocket science, simply follow the Daisy (if still confused, refer to the clip above). Of course, sometimes you have to break off to cut the monster off, so do so accordingly. In addition, Harpoon Traps can also be used to track the monster. Set them up at high-traffic areas, and should the monster stumble into it, you now know where the monster is. Also, jetpack recharge is a safe bet for Maggie, not only for those crucial jetpack dodges, but also for catching the monster.

In battle, be sure to set up harpoons a set distance from each other. The ideal scenario is that the monster gets caught with multiple traps at once, but so that they are not close enough to be destroyed with one attack. A good idea is to usually drop multiple traps in one area to create a “safe zone” to run to. Be sure, in the middle of reloading the harpoon trap, to switch to the primary weapon to deal a bit of damage, then switch back when traps are reloaded.

With Maggie, a very low priority for you is picking up teammates. With Daisy around, there is absolutely no reason for you to go out of your way to pick a teammate off the ground. If the teammate is right at your feet, by all means help them up, but you probably shouldn’t trek across the entire dome to pick up a teammate when Daisy is perfectly capable of doing so.


I’ll just put this link in here, my Maggie guide/tip thread from a few weeks back: Trapper Guide: Maggie Tips

  • When using the Machine-Pistol as Maggie, I prefer to remain in aim-down-sight and tap the mouse rapidly in a series of bursts to maintain accuracy, except when firing at point-blank range.

  • Daisy will only track when Maggie is within a short range of her; get too far away and Daisy will abandon tracking and head to follow her mistress. Keep this mind when making your decision about when to break off from Daisy’s lead and set a speculative course to intercept where you think the Monster is. If you guess wrong, it’s usually best to get back within range of Daisy quickly.

  • Daisy runs faster the closer Maggie is behind her, so when using her urge the hunt on by staying as close on her heels as you can. The Movement Speed Perk is a justifiable choice for this purpose.