Maggie Questions


I have a few Maggie questions, does anyone else have problems with the monster turning around to break the harpoons?And also can flame breath destroy the actual trap the harpoons come from before they activate?I always feel like I have a ton of problems with Maggie where I am facing a harpoon that is in me and it doesn’t break, or I hit the trap before it actually deploys, then 5 seconds later I learn it never got destroyed from me hitting it.


Happens all the time against Maggie. There’s something fishy with trying to destroy harpoon wires in your back, especially mid-air.


I’m glad I’m not the only one, I’ve lost matches to those things


Typically the harpoons of Maggie and Griffin cause some major problems for me. Any sort of lag or error in collision detection can cause me to swipe three or four times with no results.


I know right?Personally I feel ok with griffin’s being a bit buggy because it’s just 1 harpoon, but when you have 3 of them all in you at once it feels helpless


Good poon trap placement can be a real pain for a monster, especially if youre caught in the air or climbing. I think certain monsters have more trouble turning in the air. I always have more trouble breaking poons with Goliath than Wraith.

Fire breath destroys all deployables, and harpoon traps die from something looking at them funny. You just have to be careful how wide you sweep your fire breath. Fire breath isnt a big constant damage cone. It behaves like a really fast machine gun with a cone of fire. So if you sweep too fast it may miss.


Quote taken out of context… hehehe


You’re a madman


I got to say its horrible when you’re behemoth and the harpoon traps stop you mid air


Why are you mid-air as Behemoth?


Skills dude, skills


Yes. The traps dont want to break some times I dont know why but it just happens.


Hit detection aside, yes, fire breath will clear them out. I do sometimes have issues breaking them from behind though.


Climbing/rolling off a cliff.


Oh, right. Yeah. My bad.


I love rolling off cliffs as Bob. They need to make a map with a giant ramp!!!


I have elite Maggie and Griffin, love the harpoons too much! With Maggie I jump about the place usually behind and in front of the monster (if it’s against Goliath I wait 'till he’s busy with his flames) and trap him, I trt to work out his path to catch him out, works well for me! Sometimes on multiplyer a good monster can rips me apart with the harpoons when I’m Maggie but usually I do pretty good!