Maggie "Monarch" Skin (Daily Reward Bugged)


The Maggie “Monarch” Skin from today’s Daily Login Reward is not showing up in my inventory, even after claiming the reward and relogging several times. When claiming the reward, the title pops up as “1%” instead of Maggie Monarch as well. Just wanted to give a heads up.

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I was ABOUT to post the same! Even wrote the post, which i’ll paste here to not flood the forum.

Hello, i just received my Monarch Maggie skin from the daily sign-in and noticed that the text pop-up was “Skin: 1%”, which was very strange by itself.
Then i went to the training to equip my skin and there was no skins for Maggie. Not that i didn’t own any, i couldn’t even see the skin, the button was grey.
What happened? Is it still going to be released? Will i receive mine? The hell?


I got this problem as well. shows 1% on redemption screen. Didn’t get screenshot of it. Greyed out skin button for Maggie. Everyone else appears to be working properly as far as I can see.


Same problem here. When I attempted to redeem it right after the reset, it kept prompting an error message that said I couldn’t complete the transaction for some reason or another, and asked if I want to try again. Every time I hit “yes,” the same error would pop up.

Now it just says the reward is claimed but the skin does not appear in Maggie’s skin selection. Checked in both solo and multiplayer.


I have that same error. It says I got the prize, but I didn’t actually get anything. This isn’t intentional right? Al the other skins just gave you it.


Maybe being a Monarch makes you a 1%er


Same problem here - no skin unlocked. I was fast enough to get a screenshot with the error message.

Not 100% sure who I should tag for skin problems, but I’ll send one to @mizx for good measure.


Will look into it tomorrow! Fear not! You will get your Maggie monarch skins! Butterflies rejoice!

Renegade Abe Tommorow/Wednesday! :DDDDD

Many thanks!


I have this too.


Same thing here


Me too, same error.


Same problem got Outfit 1% Do i need to get this reward 99 more times to have 100%? HA


same error


Got the reward, but no outfit…


I didn’t get my skin for maggy too(


Same Problem


Here is screenshot of the reward:
And here is Meggie with outfit greyed out:
aka cant use the 1% skin.
Btw that name seems to be a bug itself.


Hi folks!

I am so sorry to report that the skin was not included in this build and didn’t make it into the build that will be releasing tomorrow. As a result, you won’t be able to equip this skin or see it in-game until 2.07 which will release not this week but next week.

Thank you for your reports; your information helped us find the issue!

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Next week?