Maggie is missing, dog-o glows, and dropping games


When ever I play a game with a Maggie shes invisible, and Daisy becomes a glowing white beacon. Playing as her, I start in the floor on the ship then fly down all while being invisible. This wouldn’t bother to much but the worst part is when I land. My weapons do not work - I deal no damage to anything while I can still be hit.

My Other problem is that I will drop from games, and whats funny is its only when im a hunter or when the monster seems to prevail. Playing as the monster I can stay in game, and all my past games I can stay in as a hunter we lose. I can play just fine by myself in training but I always drop from quickplays due to “not being able to connect to a server”. It’s really frustrating.

Will post pics if people want to see


I want to see this


Could you please post screenshots of what you’re experiencing so the Dev’s could have a better understanding of the issue? Thanks!


Fixed the Maggie bug, had to right click in steam to go to properties>local files>verify integrity. 9 files didnt download and that fixed it.

However i do keep losing connection to the server. Got on a 3 game win streak before it finally happened again. Maybe getting better? Not sure


When you lose connection does it seem like its happening at the same time like right before the game ends?


Kind of but not really. We get the monster down to 3-4 health bars then my connection is lost. But last game it happened just as we found it, about 1 1/2 minutes in (smart to sneak, but not the whole game).


May not be a bug, might be bad connection on my part. But it always happens at around the same amount of health so it got me thinking that it may be something with the game.