Maggie is Immortal

So I’ve always been thinking about this lately and decided to take action because I have a mind blowing theory… And for proof, an exclusive interview with Maggie herself…

So who does Maggie remind me of?
image the answer: Tia Dalma for pirates of the Caribbean…

So Tia, are you in fact Maggie in the future?
Interesting… But I’ve heard so many stories that you’re a goddess and immortal. While others say youre just a trapper with a kewl space dog? Which of these is it?
Mind blown over here, well thank you for your time and if you would, what is your secret to immortality?
No? Okay, never mind thanks for your time ^.^


I would agree… however… I can actually understand what Maggie says without the need for subtitles. Tia Dalma has marbles in her mouth and really bad thick accent.

[quote=“MaddCow, post:2, topic:54470, full:true”]Tia Dalma has marbles in her mouth and really bad thick accent.


Lol she’s the master of disguise ^.^ ¢she has to blend in with the mere puny mortals that surround her

Maggie when she smiles and fixes her hair.


Hmm I wonder who she would take as a date to the Planet Tamer ball ^.^

She would take Daisy of course. Then be sulky and bored in the corner while Daisy growls at anyone coming close.


Awww now I feel sad for her.

Well, she is a bit bitter in the game. I’m not sure if that was because she was, more or less, alone for 2 years on Factor running for her life, or if she was always a grumpy grump.

Good point…I still feel bad for her. :disappointed_relieved:


Yeah… Last time somebody tried to dance with her it didn’t end well… Poor torvald…

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Sounds like something I would do, if it were a party. ^.-


Lolyep. Sadly I have no demon bear mutt to scare people away. ;W;

Makes me want a trapjaw in real life. I would actually prefer a Blitz Leopard though. ^.^
Pounce people on command, so I can walk away from them. :smile:

Yass plezz. But a Trapjaw could force people to leave their food.