Maggie Harpoon Gun


Hi All!
I have a suggestion/request/question about Mag’s harpoon gun
Why the harpoon gun has so little range?, is about 5 meters.
I suggest increase the range with some parabolic hud just like Hyde’s Poison grenade. Not so much range but suffice to shot when the monster is running. (the time spend in arming itself is fine)
Because Maggie harpoon is mostly defensive, this could add to some offensive stance.

Also I was wondering why the harpoon cannot attach to walls and ceilings.
If is because the monster can or cannot destroy it, I don’t know if will change that. And against a (flying) Kraken could be more useful

And one more thing, repair Daisy A.I. pleeeeeeeeease!!


How about a harpoon gun attached to Daisys head!


If you have to aim it, sounds cool


Base harpoon traps have a range of 20m, and increases with mastery.


Kinda silly that she carries this big ass heavy gun just to make a trap go plop practically at her feet anyway. Still maggie is strong already and doesn’t need buffs.


why hasn’t this got like 10+ likes yet?


I think her harpoon traps are fine. If u want a more offensive play style use Griffin. They are called TRAPS after all, they shouldn’t be offensive, hence the nerf to arm time and having 5 of them. I will say though being able to deploy them on walls is an excellent idea and should definitely be patched in.


Please yes…Maggie has to have downsides, you know…


No… just no


Once you master the traps, you’ll get the increased range you are looking for (they grab everything)… I agree with the part about them clinging to walls and ceilings, that doesn’t seem far fetched (Abe’s grenades stick to things)… And Markovs mines on walls also would be cool… This would be cool feature of them, and really doesn’t make them any more dangerous, just another placement option s all…


Maggie is perfect. Don’t you DARE touch her! I will be MOST displeased if you do. }:[

But Daisy is another story. I would love to see some more functionality for her “ability” button. Perhaps be able to command her to revive (because she’s INCREDIBLY choosey with me…) and tell her to stop following the monster and just follow Maggie (So she stops running to her doom like a masochist, or stops barking whenever I go off route).


Wall mines and harpoons would certainly help against Krakens.


To be honest if you find a wall going high enough to snare an aerial Kraken, it most likely has a clifftop you can use. :stuck_out_tongue: No this would be more useful for leaving traps out of the way of a Goliath/Wraith/Behemoth’s attacks in small areas.


They’re talking about how far the harpoon trap gun can fire the harpoons


They are talking about how far you can launch the harpoon traps so if you are chasing the monster you can plop them in front of it instead of at her feet.