Maggie Artic Skin Screenshots


What do you mean by this? Do you have two 2k accounts?


It sucks that the only way to get these skins is with an app, that my outdated phone can’t handle :cry:


I use that have that problem I understand how you feel :cry:


Hmm, the arctic skins haven’t transferred over for me yet.


Okay I got off the line with 2k support, and they suggested a cache reset. Worked like a charm! Have both arctic skins now! Woot!


And no, I have one linked to Game Center, and a secondary that accidentally created itself that seems to be only linked to 2k.


Congrats enjoy :smile:


Albino Daisy, all day, every day!


Lol yeah I’m keeping my elite skins


Annnnnd now the Arctic skin is not selectable in multiplayer…wat.


It is easily my favorite skin so far. I am looking forward to seeing it on Val too.


It really irritates me that the skin isn’t on the harpoons nor the mobile arena. :angry:


Never was though. I’m happy with Arctic Daisy.


I know. That’s what irritates me. It should be on both of those. :triumph:


Not sure. You can submit a ticke. Good luck. I’ll cross my fingers for you.





Or in solo.

Well on another thread I detailed how the ticket worked…only for one game. I reset my cache on the Xbox one and was able to select and play with the arctic skin on both Maggie and Markov…for just one game on solo.

Went into matchmaking, couldn’t select or view either skins. Went back to solo, still couldn’t see them.

Reset cache again, and still no dice.

No idea what is going on.

Btw, 2k said that even though the account is Game Center, they still have record of me unlocking everything and that everything should transfer over.

TL/DR: I’m confused and without my arctic skins again. :frowning:


I absolutely love the skin. Sad that I didn’t get the chance to finish the Markov challenge.