Maggie Artic Skin Screenshots


Just for those that can’t play or redeem it yet or weren’t able to get the skin.


@Shin Look! Albino Daisy! So cute. >.<


I wuv her! Must buy!


No. <bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb



Never? :cry:


Ever. <bbbbbbbbbb


How can you deny someone something so beautiful? :cry:



Fine, fine. @Shin Go do it.


Go do what? O.o


Whatever you want, Shin.


I got the arctic skin for both Markov and Maggie. 2k account linked and everything, but no skin shows up for Markov in the game. Haven’t checked yet for Maggie on the main game, but I have a feeling I’ll need to open up a ticket with 2k soon.

Btw, albino Daisy looks rad.


I was able to get both right after so you should definitely check into that. Did you ever have problems with using mastery points?


Yes, no mastery points ever transferred over either. I think it is Game Center screwing things over, because I have two accounts to select from when I start the game up. I’ll be willing to bet that is the issue–that one account is linked to game center, another to 2k.



Still no skin in game for me, markov worked, but this time there is no new artic skin for maggie … buggy shit :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought that arctic quest was just for Markov :frowning:

Nevermind I just found that update :frowning: sad times!



You have to make sure you’re logged into the 2K linked account and not the GameCenter account. The GameCenter account won’t be able to transfer anything to Evolve.

You can actually request that your GameCenter account be deleted so that there is no confusion in the future. I had to do that. It sucks that the stupid app defaults to GameCenter so you end up creating that useless account.


Snow level + Maggie Arctic skin + Slim’s Spore Gun = Free Daisy rezzes all day :smiley:


Ninja Daisy


Oh no…no…NO! I am already working on the gold difficulty in the GameCenter account… :cry:

I have literally no progress on the “correct” account. Surely 2k might be able to transfer everything over…?

Damn. So much lost time.