Maggie Adaptation

Ok. so i was looking through some threads and this idea just exploded into my head so i felt it was necessary to write it down

maggie adaption.

smg, semi automatic but more powerful per shot
Harpoons, more range but more time to set up

DAISY, runs at half speed since it has weak turrets mounted to its back


Eeeeeeeeeeh…She’d be literally useless. Too slow. I mean she is NOW, but even more so.

As for the traps. I feel like the extra range isn’t enough of a buff.

And the SMG- perhaps make it a burst? Fires multiple rounds at once? Kinda like semi auto but more fitting to the weapon IMO.

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There’s a thread for adaptation ideas.

this is a specific adaption though.

Yeah. I’m aware. And there’s a thread to put it in.

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