Made an account just to tell the community how badly you've ruined the Monsters and thus, the game in general


I’m serious. From nerfing all of their abilities, buffing the hunters in every possible way (including instant dome deployal. WTF is that bullshit??? Even if it’s been in the game for a while, WHY would you ever think that’s a good idea???), making SERIOUSLY OVERPOWERED versions of the hunters (You gave Daisy a fucking flamethrower. Daisy. A creature that needed absolutely no buff or upgrade whatsoever), and don’t even get me started on how monster traversals have always gotten stuck on the smallest fucking things (why even call it a Behemoth if it’s momentum gets absolutely killed upon contact with a fucking grub?). This game has become so favored towards the hunters. Monsters stand no chance if there’s even the slightest bit of coordination. The Evolve community (not the forums but the community as a whole) has ruined the game. You know why people aren’t flocking to the game while the playerbase bleeds out more and more each day? Because all the constantly stupid, shitty complaints about a game that actually required very few when the game first launched have broken it. It’s not fun to play as a monster anymore. It’s nothing but ever increasing frustration. People who’ve come back to Evolve after a couple months break return to find the game is nowhere near what it used to be and guess what? They leave permanently because of it.

But you know what? You wanna know the only fix that might balance the game out instead of being ridicuously biased towards the hunters? Make the maps wayyyyy bigger. I’m serious. With more room to operate, the monsters aren’t so fucking trapped in by hunter teams that will absolutely surround them the moment they’re found. With more paths to take, suddenly the monster isn’t getting cut off at every turn. With more wildlife around, regaining armor and Evolving becomes easier to do, instead of becoming a frantic life or death choice as to whether you stop to feed or keep running from the hunters that never lose sight of you and always know the only directions available for you to take. This is the only option left, since obviously TRS can’t revert all the changes because the community holds them by the balls, no matter how much sense it would make for them to do so. But it won’t get done, this post will most likely get hated on and ignored in spite of the very real points I’m making.

So the only real option, is that when TRS makes Evolve 2 (which I genuinely hope they do, Evolve is such a fun and unique game and I love it to death even with all the flaws that have been created) they take almost no suggestions from the community. Base all choices regarding patches on data collection taken from in-game. Make the game the way the devs feel it should be played. Because Evolve as it is right now, is a perfect example of a community ruining an amazing game.

TRS, I love you guys. You’ve made great games all throughout your company history. Learn from the mistakes of this game, please make Evolve 2 greater and more fun than Evolve 1 could have ever hoped to be. To the inevitable haters, go back to your hunter squad and watch as all the monster players are finally hunted to extinction and the game dies.



dude calm down monsters are getting buffed in summer and the micropatch


Yeah, we’ve been through these threads like 5 times now. I think it’s better for this to move to the rant thread.


I sorta do agree with his bigger map idea though




I just wanted to let you know that there is both a micropatch and a title update coming soon that should bring things back to a more balanced state.

Check out this topic (there’s a lot, I know) but toward the bottom you can see the devs showing off some of the changes that will bring the monsters back up!

I closed this topic to avoid any mudslinging but please feel free to join in conversations on the rest of the forum!

Also, welcome!