MaddCow's "This is War" music video for Evolve (Happy Anniversary TRS/Evolve)


So I tried getting some rest today because I was sick and can’t talk but I couldn’t sleep. Every once in a while my brain needs to be purged because I’m super creative and am constantly filling my brain with excess stuff. This was my purge for today. I finished up this video in about 4-5 hours. It took me a bit longer because I downloaded Sony Vegas today and had to watch a few tutorials to get some of the effects I wanted to show up, nothing fancy though. That being said, I hope you enjoy it :slightly_smiling:

Also, Happy Anniversary/Birthday to Evolve and TRS. You guys made an amazing game. Feel free to critique as this is my first real music video that I actually finished and am just learning how Sony Vegas works.

New video is up!

Tagging some of the mods and devs since I want them to know how much I/We appreciate them and the game.

@DB_Sinclair, @Shaners, @Chloe, @Insane_521, @SlabOMeat, @MacMan, @mizx, @ArPharazon, @citizenphnix @LadieAuPair @Developers

Happy anniversary Evolve!

The only critique I have is the font choice. :joy: That’s just me being really picky. Awesome though!


You sir…combined a great song with an even greater game…:smiley:


Ya, I didn’t feel like hunting down a better Evolve looking font so I used what came with Sony Vegas. There are some pretty bad fonts out there!

Thanks :slight_smile: Ironically enough I wanted to make a music video for Evolve a long time ago, like 9 months ago and had about 1.5 minutes of the song done but I was just soooo annoyed that I couldn’t get the timing right. Turns out Sony Vegas works out fairly decent I think.


My favorite part was when you chose the characters at the best parts of the song.

When it said victim, we saw Torvald. Martyr, Kala. Honest, Markov.

Amazing video. Especially with the evac scenes.


Thanks :slight_smile: I tried to find cinematic footage of Slim and Torvald, no go :slight_smile: I love Lennox with her lance though!


can I asked where you got the cutscene footage? I was thinking about trying my hand at editing together an evolve video, but i’m not sure where to source those cutscenes.


Anything that I couldn’t download straight from the Evolvegame channel I recorded with the in game footage.


thanks a lot man! I appreciate it. I’ll see about doing this video now.


Good luck! :slight_smile:


how this song get almost everyones personality


This is awesome! Kinda felt like it’s apart of an Evolve movie. :smile: Very nicely done!

A long time back I was looking up fonts to use for Evolve stuff, and all I could find was Lucida Sans Unicode (posted by Jess back in Nov '14 in a thread about the Evolve font), and then there’s Droid Sans and Unicod Sans Ultra Light that I found used on the Evolve website. Figure maybe you’d like to know for future reference. :slightly_smiling:


Great song choice. Love that one.


Nice job Cow!

I’ve been wanting to do one of these vids, but all my song ideas are copyrighted… Ech. Probably going to make one once I upgrade my computer.


Great job!!!


Appreciate it, I’ll have to check it out next time I make another video.


The font used for the Evolve logo is called Inversionz.

I’d love to see this vid with that font instead, since the font choice is really my only gripe with this music video. Everything else was wonderful! It gave me chills how well cut it was at times. Just wonderful.

You’re a boss if you use the new font and render it all out again and upload ;D


I don’t see that font in Sony Vegas. Lemme see if there is a way to download and import the font.


Gotta love youtube. Lemme put it in and see what I come up with… Unfortunately my GPU doesn’t get used to render so the render will take about 15 mins, upload about 5.


Unfortunately my GPU doesn’t get used to render so the render will take about 15 mins, upload about 5.

Ha, you’re saying that as if it’s a long time to wait!
Heck, I’d be ecstatic if you put up an alternative version within a week :slightly_smiling: