MaddCow's holiday?

I’m guessing there are at least some people on here who celebrate the popular holiday known as “4-20”
and a lot of people seem to say “4-20 blaze it”
I myself don’t participate but I have to ask…
If @MaddCow were to celebrate it… Would it be called “4-20 Graze it”?

I apologize ahead of time if anyone on the forum finds this thread inappropriate…
If there are any problems with it please let me know.


Go home cow you’re stoned

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I don’t find people doing something with a plant inappropriate…

Tell that to the Feds of our great country :smirk:

I don’t either, some people do. Not my place to bother people.

Heh… Good question, I dunno what I would call it. Madd as a Kite day? :stuck_out_tongue:


As long as they don’t smoke it around me, they can enjoy. :smile:

How now baked Cow

I found you a shirt to celebrate:



To be fair, my irthday is actually on the 17th of April, so its kinda close to MaddCow’s Holiday :smiley:

Well lucky you if you’re a fan of Star Wars Battlefront.
We’ll be getting gameplay actual footage of the new game on the 17th

Funny, my sisters is the 14th, brothers is the 18th, fathers is the 23rd of April.

I’m the only one not born in April. ^.-
Outcast, even in my own family. ~sniffles~

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I’m the black sheep of my family. It is good to be the outcast looking in :smiley:

It’s lonely sometimes though. :smile:

EDIT: black cow of my family*



That sounds allot like an American to me.

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See… I’m not a vegan. If I were to ever become a Vegan, it wouldn’t be because I like animals… oh no. It’s because I hate plants!!