MaddCow's Beta footage


Just started uploading my organized team play matches. All of my games (Except 3 for the whole weekend) had full groups and were using teamspeak. As such, you’ll see a different side of things from my footage hopefully. Here is the playlist so far. I will be adding 3 new videos each day. Starting at 8 AM, 2 PM, and 8 PM MST. Feel free to check them out.

I will eventually release all of my footage closer to release for one last binge session for those going through a drought.

Exhausting hype

Really didn’t want you to win that one xD four health bars lost on the initial engagement and only charge skilled? Mind, awesome place to start a charge fight. Didn’t realise until after the fight that Griffin was a bot which makes everything make sense.


It was my second game in the Beta, so I still had Big Alpha syndrome. The trapper dcd towards the beginning, hence why I swore when trying to add him back to the game. Also, my team was practicing all day until I got home. I got better as time wore on :slight_smile:


Yeah, you certainly did. Hey, you weren’t bad then either, awesome leap punching and a clever place to fight with charge, but I just have a thing against one skill 3 point builds and there are a number of things that could have went differently and just one would have sealed it.

Still, well done for turning around and ending it then instead of letting the whole team respawn. Even with trapper bot chasing I feel like the assault should have backed off for a moment.


Yesss! Something to tie me over for the next few weeks :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks dude!


Ya, I stopped doing 3 skill builds pretty soon after this :slight_smile:


Maddcow is my favorite twitch/youtube Evolve player. Best one to watch (aside from @GentlemanSquirl as of right now, but who knows how long that will last?)


Awwww thanks :slight_smile: I feel bad for not having more detailed explanation of why I was doing what I was doing. Facing organized teams was drastically different :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah. I’m looking forward to seeing all your footage too. Figured that should be thrown in too instead of just “gah, you should have lost!”


No worries, appreciate the feedback. I notice lots of bad plays when I rewatch my footage :slight_smile:


Awesome! Looking forward to making my way through these :smile:


I agree with Brandini. Thanks for the footage man!


I’ve got some good clips coming your way. I’ll try to point out ones that were of particular note as they come along.


Good, good! Pets Maddcow You’re my favorite Evolve youtuber and cow!


how come people are so against 3 skill builds? that is the best way to play to me haha. idk maybe its the I evolve, so i get a new move thought. I think 2-1 is probably the strongest. but 3 in vortex or 3 in rockthrow…


I think the main problem with putting 3 points into 1 ability is the lack of options so to say during a early fight. I know that the ability will hit hard an all that but if the hunters can dodge you are left to your basic attacks which when you are stage 1 vs 4 hunters is not very optimal.


Awww thanks :slight_smile: I like being a good cow :smiley:


true its not. but stage 1 unless something is there to help you. even with a perk a decent team will not lose there. and you will just lose more health than u need to. u shud be playing keep away if you get caught stage 1 and they know what they are doing.


Yup, just goes to show that I was able to get away with this in the Big Alpha but not the Beta just because of being against organized teams. It was a VERY different game haha…


I did not play big alpha so I am not sure on what the playstyle was like back then.