MaddCow's 3 Month Launch Anniversary Stream


I will be hosting either a 24 or 12 hour Evolve Marathon on the 3 month Anniversary of the game’s launch. So this upcoming Saturday/Sunday May 9th/10th I will be playing, not coaching, non stop Evolve for at least 12 hours if I don’t choose to go for a straight 24 hour marathon instead.

I am setting this up let let everyone know to join my twitch stream as I will be doing a bunch of giveaways. DLC Codes, Skins, Evolve shirts, Bracelets, Posters and even a TRS Dev signed Art Book! I will update this thread to reflect the starting time(s). I will either go from Saturday May 9th 10:01 PM to May 10th 10:01 PM or Sunday May 10th 10:01 AM to Sunday May 10th 10:01 PM. Please stay tuned for more info.

I am also looking for people to play with. I am not sure if I will also have my PS4 copy of Evolve at this time. If I do, I will also be playing with those on the PS4 and people can see my horrible controller play! :slight_smile: I will also be hosting a Donation Drive to purchase an XBone and Evolve due to the numerous requests I have for the console and for people to be coached. I will also use these funds to help pay for shipping and handling for the prizes. I feel that there are a good amount of Euro players that watch my stream. This way I would be able to coach all 3 systems! Something that many in my channel have been clamoring for.

In the meantime, please feel free to watch my twich and/or several hundred youtube videos that I have going. I’m hoping to have my updated Twitch page setup before this marathon.

Edit 4-28-15: It will be a 24 hour marathon starting 10:01 PM Saturday May 9th and going until Sunday 10:01 PM May 10th.
MaddCow’s Twitch Channel


Someone bookmark this!

And awesome, can’t wait to watch :smile:



Can I be one of them? :smiley:


Sure :slight_smile: The more the merrier. I know that my community coaching will be slightly different this week because I want to play on the new maps before commentating about them. I feel that they are very strong Hunter maps, but would like real experience/data before making the claim cemented.


Not sure exactly what time I can play but I definitely want to get in on this as a teammate!


Wait, the 9/10th?
But,I’m busy that weekend.
I can’t even watch due to no Internet!


I will be streaming and archiving for posterity :stuck_out_tongue: Which means another hundred videos will be plastered on my YT channel. I might even have some horrible monster plays on the PS4 controller :stuck_out_tongue: Not looking forward to controller play on the PS4 :stuck_out_tongue:


On PS4 you gotta play with me, @Plaff, @Brandini, and the rest of our group :smiley:


Definitely :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll play with you! You have me on Steam. :smiley:


So, I can’t stream this day because of you? Not fair, I want some free stuff :smiley:
I will definitely check it out and send you some love!


If it makes you feel better, I am totally jealous of whoever wins the signed Art Book :frowning: I wants one! Haha.


Art Book would’ve been nice for the Monster Race Edition I bought, maybe there is some stuff in, that inspires me for a new tattoo :heart_eyes:


Mind if I could also get in on that action, when you do get your ps4 copy. :smile:

  • Psn: Pureray-


If you decide to do it Sunday, on PS4, I will gladly join in the festivities!


I’m going to be picking it up this weekend I believe. I’ve finished testing out my stream equipment for my PS4 last week.


hello mr cow maybe you would like to play against my team if you want that would be fun :smiley:


I think that would be good :slight_smile: I might have your team play again this Saturday if you are up for it. I have a good monster player that would like to have a more organized team to play against and since you did well last time :slight_smile:


Just a tip if you play against @Conjugate team. Try fighting near plants. that saved my ass. I was scared that the would cloak and I would lose them
they’re a hell of a team. Morpheus was at like 1%hp and he survived earlier, I was raging about it!

if you want me to remove it, just say it

much fun and always love <3