MaddCow's 1 Year Anniversary Stream


I will be hosting a 1 year anniversary stream starting 8 AM PST on Feb. 10th which is a Wednesday. I will be playing with community members as well as have a large Q&A regarding a lot of the game mechanics and how I feel it is best to elite certain monsters or hunters. I will also be going over highlights of Evolve and my involvement with it including some of the very first games I had way back in the Big Alpha as well as my early tournament involvement.

There will also be giveaways and a lot of other fun stuff planned as well. Because it is a school/work week I don’t think I’ll be going 24 hours but will most likely be going 16-18. That being said, if you are interested in playing with me and having some fun please let me know in this forum. I’ll also be inviting people from my Coaching with Cow steam membership as well as the new Evolve Jam steam group. I’ll also see if perhaps we can get some Devs to come join us as well :wink:

If you aren’t interested in joining feel free to hang around it’ll be a blast.

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Is there anyway to include the console community?


I don’t own an XBone and my PS4 had tons of issues when I tried to stream from that. I’m def. open for suggestions though.


Thx for your effort and your contribution to the game, Maddcow!


I’ll try to make it during the Q&A and prize portion of the stream cause i’m a butt, lol.


Try to get something like this, but with console players? Have some ESL guys go over strategy and play styles?


Anytime Mummy :slightly_smiling:

Hey if it works it works :slightly_smiling:

Problem is that I don’t know the Console meta and it would be awkward trying to discuss it. That being said I wouldn’t be surprised if some console players like Shampoo do something for the anniversary as well. I just don’t feel qualified to comment on the scene that I know so little about. That being said, I could maybe invite some console tournament players to spectate and comment with me on some games and they could compare the meta to how differently it is from their perspective.


This exactly.


Happy 1 year anniversary MaddCow! I’ll join if I get the time :smiley:


The anniversary is for Evolve. :wink:


I couldn’t join you for any Sat.Jam sessions but I won’t miss out on the 1 Year Anniverary Party … So see you there all I guess :wink:


i’ll try and make some time for this. if possible i might be able to play myself. if i cant play, i’ll assist chat if needed as i usually do for other channels (even though you dont really need it :p)


I got all excited when i read that hell play with the comunity, and then i got sad when i realized hes not playing with consoles :frowning: why do none of the devs play on consoles? more specifically, why dont they play on xbox? :’(


A bunch of the Devs play on consoles. I’m not a dev tho.

I don’t own one, sorry :frowning:


Sorry, didnt mean just devs. but like… people, i guess. nvm, I was just pushing your buttons. ima stlll watch it though! if my twitch app lets me know…


Maddcow is love, maddcow is life


I’d definitely love to play during this! I missed the last Evolve Jam, sadly, and I want to celebrate the one year anniversary of my favorite game. :smile:


I was going to be streaming all day but everyone in my family is sick atm. My wife, my daughter and now me. I’m only up to do a quick work meeting and then I’m back off to bed. I’ll try to stream some today but my big anniversary stream is being pushed to Saturday which should allow for more people to play anyway.


Hope you and your family feels better soon! Hope all of you arent too sick either, But we understand! cant wait to watch your stream on saterday! feel better and rest up!


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