MaddCow streaming with PC players invitational


I will be streaming a special Pre Star Wars Evolve session on Thursday Dec. 17th at 12PM PST. I’m looking for people that are interested in jamming around with other special members of our community. We might even have a guest star (Not a Death Star) or two :slight_smile: Those interested please let me know in this forum. If I am not already on your steam friend list please add me, MaddCowQQ, (I should be the only cow with a chainsaw with that name).

Looking forward to seeing who we can round up. Some of the leaders and mods might be able to be in attendance as well. (BTW I’m looking for as many people as possible that could play, so this is not just limited to the first group that signs up)


Sadly I’m not on PC, or else I’d join. @10shredder00 might want to join.


hey im down, nadroj85 is my ID. Ill add you now.


There is a nine hour difference between us, and the evening is the only time I DON’T have time that day.

Someone make sure I get highlights to watch alright.


I’m so up for hanging out and playing Evolve with you.

I can’t play all day but I’ll play as long as I can, I’m also your friend already so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I might be able to do it, maybe a bit late.


12pm pst is 10am central right? im unavailable until usually 2pm central if im able to play

depending on what happens i will probably show up later


12PM Pacific is 2 PM central.


whoops. was thinking the other side then xD


I would like to join, but that is 3pm EST and I have to pick my son up from school. I hope you have a good time though, and I will try to watch some of the stream, or the recording later!


I’ll join ya! Names upsetkiller456 I probably will be on around that time anyway since I get home from my last final around then!


added you :slight_smile: you can hit me up if I will be online at time of your stream


You know I’m there!


So far I’ve got the following:





I believe I’ve accepted everyone on that list so far. Any other takers? :slight_smile:


Hey man! I would def be interested in attending this, i added you on steam, Mr. Towelie @MaddCow


I’ll add you shortly as soon as I am done with my meeting.


Sounds Gucci :smiley:


How long will you be streaming? I should be off work by 6:30pm central so that’s 4:30pm for you. If you’re still on at that time I’d love to jump in!

Theman447. I’ll add you when I’m off work today.


Are you still doing this, Cow? I might be interested depending on what time it’d be over here in Europe. :S


Not sure about length of stream time but it might go for a good amount of time :slight_smile: The important stuff will be earlier rather than later.