Mad with power moments in evolve as monster


Mine was during the beta sadly i dont have the game but in the beta reached stage 3 goliath and started killing all the hunters except for the medic and toy around with her until the hunters arrived and just did the same thing rinse and repeat until the timer started.


My first Kraken game in the Big Alpha. It felt sooooo satisfying.

Here is first hand footage of me being drunk with power.

Edit: Upon re-watching it’s nice to see how much of my mindset hasn’t changed since I first started playing.


Every time I evolve. I just start smiling and I can’t stop. I would be scared but, you know…I can’t be bothered.


Behemoth, jay saying he was too slow, gets wrekt the following match, POWER OVERWHELMING !!!


When I get mad with power I tend to end up dead. Was up against a mostly T4 party, downed three of them S1. Went S2, got strikes on ALL of them. Easy win right? Well, I only had three bars of health left, and full armor. The team had Bucket and Torvald, and I was so overconfident I engaged them in a tunnely area. Cue melted armor, and me realizing I had dun goofed. Made sure to be more careful after that.


An absolutely one sided match of defend as the Kraken
Note: Ignore my taunting at the begging of the clip. I was celebrating how fast I wiped out the entire team on the first generator.


Got domed as a s1 kraken after trying to ambush the trapper. Proceeded to get strikes on hank, the medic, and the assault after glitch air bursting around the dome like a drunken madman.

The next dome at s2 i had a thunder chicken buff and couldnt down a single one.


oh god the evolve circle looks so much better


It was much smaller to :stuck_out_tongue: I think you only needed like 12 to evolve.


When I go Goliath, I like to find Tyrants or Sloths. I then wait for my friends to wander into the area following my bread crumbs. I start off with a leapsmash from an elevated area when they didn’t even know I was near. Panic and Chaos follow and I just smile hehehe.


Everytime I hit stage2 with wraith and my skywraith build kicks into gear and i go hunt the hunters. I automatically start playing the following song in my head:


Hide yo’ kids, Hide yo’ wife. Psychopaths are here.