This is the thread about Mad Max, all things Mad Max, all items Mad Max.


Good to see other people on the forum is a fan of A Goofy Movie.

Personally it weren’t the scenes where Max is mad at Goofy for being… well goofy that stuck with me, but I guess that is different for eatch person.

Personally it was the part where they are forced to wait inside the car while bigfoot walks around that was the moment that I remember the most and makes me nostaligc.




I have no words to describe the LOLs that I just experienced.


I played the soundtrack on repeat! Powerline! :metal:

And on topic


@reactiveisland5 I love Fury Road! I occasionally have it run on my second monitor when I work, lol. The wait for “Mad Max: Wasteland” is killing me. :tired_face:

@MrTalha LMAO! xD
My favorite part is where Bigfoot gets hold of the music.

Seriously though, they should make a “Mad Max: Goofy Road” movie. I’d totally watch it. xD


This thread, though. xD


OMG the nostalgia! I loved that movie so much growing up.


Thread delivers


Congratulations, @MrTalha, you’ve successfully derailed a thread with in the first post. xD



am I finally important! yay I never knew the day would come


De-rail? It says all things Mad Max.
I would never de-rail a thread.


Well, I liked the game a lot more than I thought I would.


it had to come some time.


A Mad Max Thread?

hmmm, Seems good

I saw the movie 6 times in theatres and 4 or 5 times since then. I like it.
I’ll probably watch the black and white version within the next few days.