Macropatch 8.1, where are you? -_-


Ive played in Evolve seens beta-test. On PC, Evolve is the best of my games. I played and play in this game for a long time (more then 1000 hours), have seen lots of streams and only now, for all this time Ive begining to play for the monsters (Im not so good for them). And so, I understand that monsters are very poor. Ill played for goliath. He has lots of bugs with his abilities and that reason didn`t give me the chance to play on 100%.
Others monsters has a few bugs too. So only Kraken has no bugs, but I hate this OP Monster. Its not interestig to play for him.
So I will waiting for macropatch 8.1, because monsters have no chance to survive. Hunters has not so many bugs then monster, so it makes the hunt none balanced.
I hope the next update is coming soon, because its terrible… I want to play, but I cant…

sry for my English.


Well, good news is that the Micropatch was sent into 2k QA (Quality Assurance) 5 days ago. If all goes well and it passes, it will likely be live within the next week or two. :smiley:


O RLY? when should it be out?


Like I said, if it passes through 2k’s QA, it will hopefully be out within the next week or two.

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yay 8.1


I’m hoping the patch gets released this weekend, but most likely, I’ll be next week. If 2K did not pass it, then it’ll take longer.


I wonder when we’ll get more maps


Probably not for a good long while. Certainly not until AFTER TU9, so don’t get any hopes up for them.


I’m tired of playing the same 5 over it doesn’t change for me occasionally a 6th one but usually never


Yeah, everyone deals with that. I recommend playing customs either solo or with friends to better control the maps. Or run into QP for more variation. Not much you can do. TRS is busy enough with the TU and ANOTHER GAME that I can excuse the lack of maps.



As the mountain said…