@macman can we get templates for community skins?


@MacMan i saw you mention in a post considering giving the community access to skin templates. would quite like to see these so we can get some fun skins


Ha! Yes, I want Evolve to be a skin simulator much like TF2 with hats! Seasonal skins! But seriously, yeah, this would at least be fun even if people could just create them and preview them locally to then submit for consideration. Would need to be sure they don’t end up being too dark or unfair in some way but would be fun to play with even if you could just do it locally to see what your creation would look like.


It would only work they way cosmetics work in TF2 & Dota 2 etc. Have the community vote and the developer would either allow it or remove it. This way people don’t make really bright/noticable skins for monsters to make them easier to spot as hunter


the elite skins are already white with gold glow and bright red/purple

and the swamp skins are already like a bush

the only thing not allowed should be 0,0,0-40,40,40 colours so they cant get too dark.

it should be run as a forum poll competition with like 5-10 winners. no work for the devs really.


AND them artsy peeps can get their name in the game!

I like this idea.