Lvl based match making system... seriously?


This is perhaps the dumbest design in video game history, made for lonely gamers. first, to make it perfectly clear, no i have no intention bully low lvl players nor do I mind play against higher lvl players, I do aware perk advantage across different lvls but it’s no issue with me and I believe many gamers around the world who only wish to have a good game seasion don’t mind it either, my biggest problem with this system is that it prevent you from playing with your friends across different lvls. so I’m lvl 24 and my girlfriend is lvl 9, one of us will always bugged out when we tired to join a game together, it didn’t happen before the weekend when I was lvl 5 and she was lvl 1, so i played little bit more and wider the lvl gap, then we can never join a game together ever since, it even present bigger problem when we tried to find a game as a party of 3, lvl 24, lvl 9 and lvl 2.

are you serious turtle rock? you think all gamers are lonely homer only join clans or have similar lvls? now I have 2 people who used to play with me have no motivation to pick it again, thanks to you. god know how many players you have turned off by this moronic match making system, you probably didn’t release you can fix the class fitting problem altogether. have a good game session with the class you want > mere perk advantage. at least give player an option to turn it on and off.


Just so you know, I play with people across a whole range of levels just fine, levle 37 myself, and I play with people from 14-40 never had any problems in matchmaking. The only problems you might get are connection problems if you’re playing across continents.

Please stop spouting this kind of nonsense, you’re hurting awesome people who made an awesome game.


Excuse my language, I love this game too, and prop’s to all developers who made all these brilliant concept come together in this game, but some bad design decisions really making ppl pulling hairs, have to make couple things clear, platform PS4, country: USA, location southern California, internet: 100MB lan, there aren’t much faster internet across the county, I doubt you are playing on PS4, 26 lvls gap to play together just never happened to us, all my friends are seeing the same thing, I’ve never joined a game with ppl outside of 5 lvls, now I can’t play with girl friend or friends for days because of this system and it’s really not making ppl happy.


Can’t you just party up? I don’t see the problem here?


not if you you have huge lvl gap. joined a party together in lobby -> search games -> one of us got bugged/kicked out during the process, same thing if it’s a party of 3. but everything worked perfectly when we were in similar lvl range. can be a bug or simply “balance design”.


just make a party and it would be so unfair if a lvl 40 monster vs hunters team lvl 5 2 9 8


This happens to me and my girlfriend as well. I’m level 39 and she’s 30, yet it’ll always kick her out unless I have a friend who’s around her rank in the lobby. Quite annoying


I’m playing on PS4 with a 20 level gap and we get into matches just fine. Just me and my friend, level 35 and a level 15. I haven’t had any problems thus far.


might be her ps4 /wifi


Yeah it’s pretty dumb. Any PvP playlist forces you to go against people of the same level range. Any level can be matched with each other in PvE though.


thats bs iam lvl 34 and iam always playing with lvl 8-14’s and we get almost instantly a match


All 3 of us has confirmed that we can’t join a game together with our current lvl gap, it may due to a bug on PS4 rather than design decision to prevent friends from playing together, because I heard ppl from lvl 30+ can still join game together no problem, so are lvl 10-19, but matchmaking seem exclusively broke/bugged for lvl 20-30 I’m not talking about join a pve session together vs NPCs, but to join together for a real matches, and no, no router in the world would force you to play within 5 lvl range and kick your friends out of the lobby or during the joining process, Sad thing is we are even provided an option to turn the lvl cap thing on and off.

So TurtleRock Please at least investigate

#PS4 #can’tJoinTogetherWithLvlGAp #can’tPlayTogetherWithFriends!!


Games like League of Legends and what not are designed so that they match people with the same level. This is so that there isn’t a massive gap in SKILL. A higher level means more time spent playing the game, and thus more knowledge and strategies. Essentially, a level 40 player SHOULD know most of the games mechanics, and it would be unfair to pit them against a level 5 player just because of that alone, not even taking Perks into account.

Obviously there should be a way to balance this out, but we all know the current matchmaking system is a tad on the broken side, and in time they’ll fix it. Just be patient.


Yea, I am level 35 and just finished a match with two guys under level 10.

Not sure what these guy are talking about but I have never noticed a level gap.


if i´d have a girlfriend who would play evolve at all, i would be so happy.


“bla! because I never got sick, so I think hospitals don’t exist” gratz being the lucky one, here’s the thing genius, if this issue happened to me, to my friends plus thousands players around the world, it means something is broken in the system, design, bugs, regional problem etc.


yeah, that’s understood and a good concern, and that’s why i suggested an option to turn the lvl gap match making on and off for those who willing to take the risk and don’t mind to get grimed.

So far it borke more things than it intended to balance, in the end of day players want to play their perferred class and with friends rather than minding the mere lvl gap and the slight perk advantage. an open lvl match making option can solve all that. I just make a post to make devs notice.