lv24 and lost all progress...SERIOUSLY?


Game freaked out after accepting a game inv and landed in the lobby with lv01. Game data deleted, game started up like initial play, tutorial, adj screen, etc. I don’t get why u guys don’t have progress on the cloud. I spent $80 on a preorder, waste on an investment. Never again


If you would check the forums, you’d know that this is an ongoing problem, and that they are trying to fix it. It is NOT however, a problem caused by TRS, but by 2K. You can file a complaint ticket thingy with them on their forums. I’m terribly sorry about your progress. I know, it sucks. Also, what did you pay 80 dollars for? The game is only 60…


Got the $80 preorder lol fml


There was an $80 preorder? Oh shit dude, that sucks. Don’t take it out on the game my man. Don’t even take it out on TRS. It’s 2K that done fucked. My advice to you would be to NOT attempt to play games with your friends. I know, it sucks, but currently it’s the only way to make sure you don’t reset. Terribly sorry man. I hope it gets fixed!


I’m the only voice of reason you’re going to hear on this forum. Don’t listen to anything Turtle Rock says about restoring your rank or lost progress. It is the devs fault through and through. No dev team has ever individually restored lost progress to players, especially after they start re-leveling. They’ll probably come out with a fix to ensure it doesn’t happen again, but everyone that lost progress is fucked. I’d definitely recommend you get a refund unless you wanna boost for stars and ranks again


I agree that it is the devs’ fault, but you’re blowing this out of proportion. Reaching level 40 and unlocking all the characters took very little time, comparatively speaking. If you had like three elite skins, then that would suck, but apart from that there is little to no grinding in Evolve.


I’m seriously laughing at this.

It’s been like, three days. Three. Days.

You are not the only voice of reason. Your comment has no reason whatsoever, as you evidently have no concept of time. cx

If you hate Evolve so much, then why did you buy it in the first place?


this game is about reaching level 40? i had no idea. I thought we were here to beat op monsters lol.

seriously. u did it for the alpha and the beta. what is one more time gonna do :smile:

ACTUALLY. majority of complainers have cod backgrounds. how is this different from prestiging lol.