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This is my first forum post so i’m kind of a newbie.
Been playing since release, But stopped for a bit. Recently got back into it.

So anyways, Lurker. A gigantic Millipede. Longest monster, But shortest. Since this is an ice themed monster, The monster seems to be coated in frost. The antennae (of which it has 4.) Are covered in icicles. Its evolutions increase the size of its mandibles, Along with other small things.

Hp: A little less that goliath.

This monster cannot jump, But can climb. In fact, It has the fastest climbing speed of any monster. And even climb ceilings! Instead of jumping you can rear up on your hind lets to climb hard to reach ledges.
You can also attack while climbing and can automatically climb walls when near them.

Ability 1: Mist shroud: Release a thick cloud of mist. Hunters inside of this are slowed. This will blur hunters view and after around 5 seconds, disappears. Has an effect with another one of your abilities. A quick getaway. Upgrades increase time and size of the shroud.

Ability 2: Ice spikes: A line of icy spikes will slowly rush forwards. They will not stop unless they hit a wall. Upgrades will make the ice spikes home in, And at full, When hitting a wall, They will rickashea twice.

Ability 3: Glacier Clone: Dash forwards and create an ice clone of yourself. This clone deals no damage, But will move around much like you do. This clone looks much like you, But has a icy texture to it. If hit, It will freeze in place shake, And explode. Releasing shards of itself that deal damage and knockback.

Ability 4: Permafrost: Coat yourself completely in ice. Slowing your movement speed drastically but increasing defensive capabilities. Any attacks fired off of you during the duration of this ability will bounce off of you. These shots could potentially hit hunters. If used in a mist shroud, The mist will freeze, and fall to the ground. coating it permanently in ice. Hunters who walk on this ice take continuous (but weak) damage, movement speed is decreased 25%, Cannot use jetpacks (But can still jump.), and have ice physics.
Upgrades increase resistances and increase movement speed.

So anyways, That about it! I might be posting this in the wrong area, So if someone could tell me the right place that would be great!



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