Lucky nuber 3 the "brute"


What I mean by the “brute” is my concept of a new monster I want it in a beetle kinda way ya know?. Well I’ll get to detail later . Abilities: scavenger is when you may have excessive amounts of dead wildlife but no need for it then the hunters injure you oh great the animals decayed . But now with scavenger you can pickup the body wrap it up in acid shells and stored on the back of your shell!! For later use or something else I will discuss later. Y button to pickup the body then its on your back maximum nine peices of “meat” . You can choose to eat or place. To place press y then RT to place. Item will have icon on item so you dont lose your cache. larva: larva is when youu summon small beetles help you in combat but them being larva means they are much weaker but with upgrading them they come in greater numbers and are stronger not bigger just stronger appearance changes too . But in order to “deploy” them you must eat wildlife to fill seperate meters. And if placed near a cache I mentioned earlier they’ll gaurd it and wait for your return or command them to follow you to battle . They are spawned by LB but you need to fill the meter first. They can also eat saved up wildlife and can hunt for you on command to pull up command list put down on the d-pad for commands . Raging stance : when RB will activate a rage mode of sorts and will change your apperance along with increased damage and insane speed because during rage he activates his wings and hovers slightly above ground. Burst: burst is an AOE attack in where the brute will release a toxic steam throughout its body entoxicating nearby hunters dealing damage over time. I hope you like this concept I think that metroid prime would be a good example google some pictures. If you like my idea go ahead and like my post or whatever!! . Message for turtle rock if you like this concept contact me any way you can so we can discuss ideas I have lots of things I would love to see in the game metroid prime boss


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