Lucky Clothes


Do any of you wear lucky clothes, like socks, ties, shirts, ect, when playing evolve? I wear my lucky blue hat, when playing.


I prefer not to wear nice clothes, it’s too heart racing and they get sweat on them


Doesn’t have to be nice clothes. My friend has a lucky shirt that he has never washed…


I start naked. At stage 2 I get my hat on and at stage 3 I quickly get some socks on.


I have a lucky mustache…


I wear my Evolve Monster wristband.


Lucky clothes? I don’t even believe in luck itself… Not sure how I would attribute luck to a piece of clothing. O.o


So you don’t wear anything consistently while playing?


I sacrifice a goat each to gobi, the flying spaghetti monster (aka kraken), and Chuck Norris and I wear their skulls on my head and shoulders. does that count?


I wear what I put on for the day.


Eventually when I have the Evolve hoodie…

I am hoping they create a Scaler that is Daisy, Goliath or Kraken or something. Probably too much to ask. Then I would attach this to my headset.


Sometimes I like to wear my boyfriend’s Hatsune Miku Bunny Hat.
Looks like this.
…Really comfy :slight_smile:


That hat looks traumatised


Maybe so, but it’s still comfy.
I’ve seen some things…


Okay, you people are going to look at me weird…

I don’t have an actual piece of clothing I’d wear when I’d need luck. However, I have a flash drive a wear as a necklace on such occasions.

Don’t ask me what’s on it. You wouldn’t like the answer.


What’s on it?


I have a lucky shirt that has an Ace of Spades with the words “Jack of all Trades” on it. That’s my lucky shirt :blush:


I let my hair down at Stage 2 because reasons.


Well… Now we obviously wanna know… Even though I think I already know the answer. :wink:

What about stage 3? :open_mouth:


I rarely take it to Stage 3. If I do, I just…I don’t know.