Lucifer TV Series


This is easily my new favorite show on television. The plots of each episode are great and the actors who fulfill the roles are even better.

How many people here watch this show or even know of it’s existence. I absolutely love it, and absolutely nothing from the show is better than this single shot from it’s latest episode.

So who knows of it? Who watches it? What do you think of it?


What’s the overall story?


Is this based off the DC character?


Lucifer (Son of God) has decided to leave Hell and refuses to return. He meets a Police Detective named Chloe and works with her to some degree on cases she has. (It sounds goofy I know).

Lucifer’s angelic brother Amenadiel constantly tries to convince him to return to Hell because without him the Demons and tortured souls basically have free reign over Hell.

It’s quite funny with sarcastic humor but the latest episode was more drama focused than comedy. I recommend watching it at least to give it a try.

@Shunty Nope, it’s based off the biblical Lucifer, Demons and Angels, that sorta thing.


His name is Lucifer Morningstar?
Then yes, @Shunty it is based off the DC Comics. At least a little.

Neil Gaiman is one of the people who created The Sandman comics and Lucifer is a supporting character of the series that eventually had his own spin-off. Although, in the comics he kinda looks more like David Bowie.


I’ve seen it, looked very very cheesy.


My sister loves this show, I might end up watching it too


I strongly recommend it.



I like Satan as a character. In any context he makes a story interesting. Playing with the fact that Satan is actually good because he punishes the wicked is a great plot device in my opinion and the character is usually on par with Archangels because he was one himself.
I’m not a relegious man, but I know the story. Having a character named Lucifer with fire or dark powers is one my my favorite archetypes.


I tend to agree, most adaptations of Lucifer (Satan) are typically intriguing since each one is their creator’s own rendition of him and how they feel he feels given the role he was given. Some think he embraces it with open arms with his wickedness while those behind this show believe he is feels misunderstood, wrongly accused of his actions, etcetera etcetera. All the while he’s comically witty and has a great character in the show.


I missed the first episode, but ima try to pick it up. I don’t watch tv much because I spend my time on my computer, but if it’s cool I might follow it cuz the trailer I saw seemed like a Rissoli and Iles mixed with Supernatural


Funny, there’s a new show that’s based around Damian.


I really like this show, particularly Lucifer, and it has been generally getting better each episode so far in my opinion,

I also love the music choice, second clip is from the show, so it is technically spoilers, but in the least possible way


Something fantastic I found was this channel on YouTube:

She posts the soundtracks from Lucifer. No idea how she does it.


Didn’t think I was going to like but I caught the first episode the day it aired amd I’ve been hooked.

It’s quite a fun show. I’m an episode behind right but I’ll catch up.


Well luckily for those invested in the show it is getting a second season, coming this fall.