LS is barely moving

You have that right.

Funny. That to me sounds like you are just expression your opinion, nothing more.

If you are a mod you are free to stand your ground and others should suck? Then act if you like so.

Correct. I never said I’m clarifying something like the other did.

I get it. To you the definition of skillshot is an ability that needs to be aimed correctly in order to be successful. To be fair, it’s my definition too, but…

I agree with Madd in the sense that Vortex requires very -little- skill to land. And that short cooldown makes it so that it’s really not a bit deal if you even manage to miss it.

But you are expression your opinion as fact.

it isnt.

If it happens to shoot an ability far more frequently, that still do not strip it off of its type.

Everythings a skill shot then.


A projectile that is traveling at some speed from point A to point B. Get your facts straight.

I didn’t say that. I’m just trying to help you understand the other party better. It might be a skillshot, but Madd says it requires almost no skill to use.

You guys are just talking past each other.

In his opinion. In my opinion it does need a skill to be applied, but much more less than with LS. That is why I started this thread.

Im having a fantastic time right nowimage

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[quote=“Brass_Petals, post:1, topic:69162”]
Needs to be corrected in my opinion
[/quote] please, stop failing.

That’s alright. I also think LS’s speed was nerfed too strongly, but you really need to stop telling people " you fail " and saying others don’t do their mod job correctly. That’s inflammatory and unacceptable.

You are free to debate without personally attacking others.


You might be right, but it is just a hunters community that is pretty lobbist.

I am offended, this is not for what I meant for. What I meant was that he could quite possibly have more knowledge about these things than you.

But im not you, so I wouldn’t know so lets keep it friendly here! :smile:

If I hadn’t got 750 hours into the game I would agree with you. But I am with the game from the start, so I don’t really believe he is true when he speaks Vortex is not a skillshot just because it requires less skill and could be used a bit more frequently. That is what made me reject his experience.

These are our opinions about Lightning Strike, I feel as though it is fine the way it is, just needs some skill to line it up, and mess up the hunters.

Other threads have things we like about monsters also, all we want is the most balanced game as possible.

Thread topics over the last few days/weeks

“Jack is OP”
“Hank is OP”
“Slim is OP”
“Laz is OP”
“Laz, Jack and Sunny is OP”
“Goliath is UP”
“Increase the dome cast time”
“GIve stage 3 more power”
“Stop hunter relay camping”

Of course also

“Kraken is OP”
and more recently “Bob is OP”

which is always countered in those threads with “Monsters are UP at ESL”

Yep, absolutely a hunters’ community that is pretty lobbyist.

Edit: And in the interest of fairness, also:

“Cabot is UP”


It needs not just “some” skill. It needs other prerequisites. Generally speaking newbie hunter players. More or less skilled have no hard time evading LS at all. That is what forces Kraken players always rush AS 3 stars at S2. And here comes another nerf-cry from the hunters. They want to see less AS? Return LS. No? Then they want too much.