LS is barely moving

LS is almost completely useless and not worth putting more than 1 star and even then it is mediocre, since it is barely movable. If it happens to misplace a LS even slightly aside from the hunter, he can just not bother to use a jetpack. Needs to be corrected in my opinion. 'Cos there is still no option rather than rush 3 star AS at S2.

It’s a skill shot.

Yes, a skillshot. As well as Votex. But unlike Vortex it is a charging skillshot and gives you 2.1 seconds to run from it. And moreover it is harder to land than Vortex. They just overnerfed it hard way.

But does double the dmg.

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It doesn’t matter how much more damage it does, when you won’t hit anything 90% of the time with its moving speed given. Completely doesn’t matter.

To be fair, Vortex is NOT a skill shot. Rock Throw, Tongue Grab, Abduct and Lightning Strike are the skill shots for each monster.

If the hunters are merely walking away from your LS, and not needing to use boost, youre goofing up.

Wait, what? An ability you need to aim and make clear LOS to hit a target is not a skillshot? You failed.

Attempt to trick them, like aiming for someone near and move it over ontop of them. You can also aim it behind them, so they dont see it, to dodge it :smiley:

Made it any faster and it would be too easy to hit coupled with it’s dmg.

Excuse me? How is Vortex a skill shot? It’s the second easiest of Kraken’s abilities to land, has a very short CD and has a pretty massive hit box.

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Read correctly. If it happens even slightly to misplace it. Then hunters may not use a jetpack to evade.

You can also be right on top of the hunters to use it, and it will appear immediately.

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I think he was just proving who was right and wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

What makes an ability a skillshot? It means you need to apply some skill to make a successive hit. It is not an Aim-bot or autoaim ability. So it goes right as a skillshot.

Because you are saying that Vortex is a skill shot. It isn’t.

I am clarifying that Vortex is not a skill shot, LS is. As such, LS is harder to land. Just like Rock Throw, Abduct and Tongue Grab. Those are all the ‘skill shots’ of the monsters and make the biggest difference in combat if they land. They are also harder to land (Arguably) than other abilities. Higher risk/reward. That is what skill shot means.

Are you implying that flame breath is a skill shot??


Cool your britches Kiddo.

I assure you, I read what you stated quite correctly. I still do not feel obligated to retract my previous assertion.

You are not clarifying anything, you are just expressing you opinion, nothing more. Vortex is a skillshot. Period. If you think it is more easy to use than LS, doesn’t make it something other than a skillshot. [quote=“MaddCow, post:17, topic:69162”]
Higher risk/reward. That is what skill shot means.
[/quote] made my day.

Brotha, if I were you I wouldn’t be starting arguments with a mod <.< >.>

But that’s me!